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Introducing YouTube Music Sessions: Today’s music headliners with support from tomorrow’s

How many times have you been to a gig or festival and fallen in love with a new artist? I remember seeing Thandi Phoenix perform live right before she released her first EP last year -- it was soulful and captivating. Her song ‘Say It’ is full of energy and so catchy, it quickly became a favourite in our house. Seeing her on stage, and now being able to watch her career grow and more people discover her talent, is really special.
But 2020 has delivered the unexpected, with the entire music industry affected by COVID-19.
“The live music industry was probably one of the worst affected as a result of COVID-19. It’s been really horrible seeing all the tours and festivals cancelled and knowing that so many people have lost work for months on end.” -- Jessica Mauboy 
As music fans we feel the loss, as it has become harder for us to find our new favourite artists at gigs. But for emerging artists, cancelled support tours and festival appearances means they are missing out on essential exposure to new audiences as well as associations and endorsements from other more established artists, not to mention the financial impact too.
“Not being able to play live shows during these times has really impacted the ability for all artists to reach new audiences. As an emerging artist, live shows and support slots in particular are super integral in getting you in front of new audiences, new communities, cities and in developing a fanbase.” -- Emalia 
So we can all keep discovering new music and Australian artists can have a platform to connect with fans around the world, we are introducing YouTube Music Sessions, in partnership with ARIA -- a series of four exclusive online performances by leading Australian artists, supported by up and comers through virtual support slots this August.

“We know it’s not easy, at the best of times, being a new artist on the scene trying to get your music out there so I think it’s such an important thing right now for the community to come together and help each other out.” -- Jack Gray 
Premiering live every Wednesday this August at 7pm, one headliner and one support act will perform for audiences around the world.

August 5 
Lime Cordiale supported by Mia Rodriguez 
Fresh from their #1 ARIA Album release, Oli and Louis are pumped to be able to share Mia’s sound with their fans: “We’ve been following her progress for a while and her vibe is mad. She works with the same producer as us so every now and then we get a little sneak peek at some of her upcoming music and it’s always so exciting.”
August 12 
Jessica Mauboy supported by Emalia 
Emalia is honoured to share a virtual stage with Jessica Mauboy: “Supporting Jess is pretty surreal to me. I was a big fan of her growing up and she is such an icon of the Australian music scene. To be able to play the YouTube Music Sessions with her, at a time when I believe sharing music to spread love and healing is vital, feels really special.”
August 19 
Paul Kelly supported by Eliott 
Eliott is trying to contain her excitement in singing alongside Paul Kelly: “Paul Kelly is such an incredible songwriter and performer, so authentic and raw. Which is something I always strive to be in my own music.”
August 26 
Vera Blue supported by Jack Gray 
Vera Blue can’t wait to see Jack’s career take off: “Jack Gray is an incredibly cool up and coming artist! I love his style and his voice is so unique. His songs have a semi electronic rock style with emotion and which reminds of surfy skate rock culture.”
Each performance will stream on the headliner’s YouTube channel and will be playlisted on the YouTube Australia and New Zealand channel and the ARIA channel.
We couldn’t celebrate the music industry like this without the support of ARIA and are thrilled the team are partnering with us.
Dan Rosen, ARIA Chief Executive, said, “ARIA is thrilled to continue our partnership with YouTube and provide another platform for music fans around the world to engage with Australian artists. During these challenging times we have seen Australian audiences move to watch even more online performances, and our artists have done an amazing job in helping us stay connected in this difficult period. I can’t wait to hear some incredible new music from some of our established greats and to discover new music from emerging artists on these YouTube Music Sessions.”
YouTube Music Sessions is also proud to help Support Act, Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers. For anyone tuning in to the performances and that can, please click the link in the description to make a donation to Support Act and show your love for our Aussie music industry. YouTube will be kicking the effort off with a $50,000 donation.
Clive Miller, Support Act CEO, said, “The pandemic has created intense financial hardship for artists, crew and music workers. It has also created significant anxiety, depression, career concerns and other mental health related issues, resulting in a 60% increase in utilisation of the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline.
“We’ll be using donations from YouTube Music Sessions to support our 24/7 professional counselling helpline as well as COVID-19 crisis relief grants -- which provide financial support in the areas of rent/mortgage, food, utilities, medical equipment and other expenses.”
“It’s really great that the organisation Support Act is involved so that we can support not only our artists during this tough time, but the crew and teams involved in making shows and festivals come together are being supported too.” -- Vera Blue 
We can’t wait to watch these performances and hope you’ll join us at 7pm each Wednesday night in August. Paul Kelly summed it up perfectly -- this is the time for the entire music industry to support each other.
“Emerging artists and established artists support each other. It isn’t a one-way street. I like to put a bill together with other artists so that we complement each other. It’s a kind of curation. A synergy. I love introducing young artists I like to my audience. I want that audience to walk away with the sense that they’ve just witnessed something that will never happen again.” -- Paul Kelly 

Updates to YouTube Live streaming

Together, we've experienced the biggest music, sports, science, culture and gaming events unfold live on YouTube. Now we’re introducing more ways to watch live videos and interact with your community in real time.

Catching up on the latest

Live chat plays a key role in creating connections between creators and their community. Today we are starting to roll out chat replay to YouTube, so you can follow the conversation even after a live stream is over. Live chat replays will show up alongside the video, exactly as it appeared live.

Making live streams more accessible

We launched automatic captions back in 2009, and since then, we’ve auto-captioned a staggering 1 billion videos. We’re now bringing English automatic captions to live streams.

When professionally provided captions aren’t available, our new live automatic captions provide creators a quick and inexpensive way to make live streams accessible to more people. With our live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology, you’ll get captions with error rates and latency approaching industry standards. We'll roll this out in the coming weeks, and will continue to improve accuracy and latency of automatic captions.

More fun features for live streamers

Creators can now add a location tag to their mobile live streams and video uploads and share all their favorite hot spots with viewers. You can explore other videos with the same location tag by simply clicking on it. You can also use the location filter on the search results page to find other videos from a specific spot.

Last year, we introduced a way for Super Chats to trigger real life events. Now creators can set this up for their channels using IFTTT (If This, Then That). Over 600 internet-connected services and devices (like lights, pet feeders and confetti cannons!) can be connected to Super Chat. Super Chat is already available on desktop and Android devices, with support for iOS devices rolling out starting today.

With live streams, you’ve found more intimate and spontaneous ways to share your thoughts, lives, and creativity. Take these features for a spin and show us your world!

Kurt Wilms, Live Video Product Lead, recently watched "Falcon Heavy Test Flight."

Source: YouTube Blog

Mobile Live Streaming + Super Chat = Live (Streaming) the Dream

A huge focus for us here at YouTube is to find new ways to let creators and viewers interact with each other and the videos they watch. And that's why we’ve supported live streaming since, well, before Beyoncé even had a baby – way back in 2011! And in 2016, we witnessed the most-viewed political live streams of all time – the 2016 U.S. presidential debates – and we launched the world’s first 360-degree live streaming support with full 4k video, at scale and for free.

So what’s next? The roll out of our new mobile live streaming feature to every creator with more than 10,000 subscribers (the rest of you will have it soon!). It’s a launch that’ll put the power of live streaming in the hands of hundreds of thousands of talented creators, giving them a more intimate and spontaneous way to share their thoughts, lives, and creativity.

Mobile live streaming has been built directly into the YouTube mobile app. All you have to do to start streaming is open YouTube, hit the capture button, and you’re live! Streamed videos will have all the same features as regular YouTube videos. They can be searched for, found via recommendations or playlists, and protected from unauthorized use. Our mobile live streaming uses YouTube’s rock-solid infrastructure, meaning it’ll be fast and reliable, just the YouTube you know and love. And we’ve been working hand-in-hand with hundreds of creators to refine the mobile streaming experience while they stream from a boat or take live calls from their fans. Based on their feedback, we did things like slowing down live chat (it turns out receiving 2,000 messages per second is a little too fast!) and pushing for better streaming quality across devices.

Show me the money

To help creators earn revenue from live streaming, we’re also excited to launch Super Chat, a new live stream monetization tool available to creators in more than 20 countries (and viewers in more than 40 countries). Super Chat is like paying for that front-row seat in the digital age: it lets any fan watching a live stream stand out from the crowd and get a creator’s attention by purchasing chat messages that are highlighted in bright colors and stay pinned to the top of the chat window for up to five hours. Super Chat gives viewers a chance to add a little visual flair to their chats and gives creators a new way to keep connected to their fans while earning a little money on the side, let’s say for example, while shopping at Target or playing video games :)


Stream you soon. :-)

Posted by Product Managers Barbara Macdonald, recently streamed a horror game, and Kurt Wilms, recently watched "Bored at Target"

New YouTube live features: live 360, 1440p, embedded captions, and VP9 ingestion

Yesterday at NAB 2016 we announced exciting new live and virtual reality features for YouTube. We’re working to get you one step closer to actually being in the moments that matter while they are happening. Let’s dive into the new features and capabilities that we are introducing to make this possible:

Live 360: About a year ago we announced the launch of 360-degree videos at YouTube, giving creators a new way to connect to their audience and share their experiences. This week, we took the next step by introducing support for 360-degree on YouTube live for all creators and viewers around the globe.

To make sure creators can tell awesome stories with virtual reality, we’ve been working with several camera and software vendors to support this new feature, such as ALLie and VideoStitch. Manufacturers interested in 360 through our Live API can use our YouTube Live Streaming API to send 360-degree live streams to YouTube.

Other 360-degree cameras can also be used to live stream to YouTube as long as they produce compatible output, for example, cameras that can act as a webcam over USB (see this guide for details on how to live stream to YouTube). Like 360-degree uploads, 360-degree live streams need to be streamed in the equirectangular projection format. Creators can use our Schedule Events interface to set up 360 live streams using this new option:


Check out this help center page for some details.

1440p live streaming: Content such as live 360 as well as video games are best enjoyed at high resolutions and high frame rates. We are also announcing support of 1440p 60fps resolution for live streams on YouTube. Live streams at 1440p have 70 percent more pixels than the standard HD resolution of 1080p. To ensure that your stream can be viewed on the broadest possible range of devices and networks, including those that don’t support such high resolutions or frame rates, we perform full transcoding on all streams and resolutions. A 1440p60 stream gets transcoded to 1440p60, 1080p60 and 720p60 as well as all resolutions from 1440p30 down to 144p30.

Support for 1440p will be available from our creation dashboard as well as our Live API. Creators interested in using this high resolution should make sure that their encoder is able to encode at such resolutions and that they have sufficient upload bandwidth on their network to sustain successful ingestion. A good rule of thumb is to provision at least twice the video bitrate.

VP9 ingestion / DASH ingestion: We are also announcing support for VP9 ingestion. VP9 is a modern video codec that lets creators upload higher resolution videos with lower bandwidth, which is particularly important for high resolution 1440p content. To facilitate the ingestion of this new video codec we are also announcing support for DASH ingestion, which is a simple, codec agnostic HTTP-based protocol. DASH ingestion will support H.264 as well as VP9 and VP8. HTTP-based ingestion is more resilient to corporate firewalls and also allows ingestion over HTTPS. It is also a simpler protocol to implement for game developers that want to offer in game streaming support with royalty free video codecs. MediaExcel and Wowza Media Systems will both be demoing DASH VP9 encoding with YouTube live at their NAB booths.

We will soon publish a detailed guide to DASH Ingestion on our support web site. For developers interested in DASH Ingestion, please join this Google group to receive updates.

Embedded captions: To provide more support to broadcasters, we now accept embedded EIA-608/CEA-708 captions over RTMP (H.264/AAC). That makes it easier to send captioned video content to YouTube and no longer requires posting caption data over side-band channels. We initially offer caption support for streams while they are live and will soon support the transitioning of caption data to the live recordings as well. Visit the YouTube Help Center for more information on our live captioning support.

We first launched live streaming back in 2011, and we’ve live streamed memorable moments: 2012 Olympics, Red Bull Stratos Jump, League of Legends Championship, and Coachella Music Festival. We are excited to see what our community can create with these new tools!

Nils Krahnstoever, Engineering Manager for Live
Kurt Wilms, Senior Product Manager for VR and Live
Sanjeev Verma, Product Manager for Video Formats

Cure Festival FOMO and watch Coachella Exclusively on YouTube – tune in to watch live April 15-17

Not everyone can make it to the California desert, but it doesn’t mean you have to have fear of missing out on Coachella. Powered by Samsung Canada, Canadian music fans can get closer to the music they love and catch performances from emerging artists to the biggest acts on Coachella’s YouTube Channel from April 15 to 17 on any screen where you watch YouTube.

You can further enhance your experience with several new features on Coachella’s YouTube Channel this year:

  • You’ll have the freedom to choose from three live stream channels and a video-on-demand hub to see highlights and performance footage throughout the weekend.

  • You can click on the interactive personalized schedule to customize your live viewing experience. The live stream channel will change automatically based on your schedule.

  • The channel features an all-inclusive social feed and highlight posts to see images, moments, and discussions around the festival.

Be sure to stay tuned in here to find out which artists will be in the live stream and subscribe to Coachella’s YouTube channel to watch the latest videos and even relive past performances.


Posted by Ali Rivera and Brian Anderson, YouTube Music