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See what’s new & what’s possible with Firebase at Demo Day

Posted by Annum Munir – Product Marketing Manager

This article also appears on the Firebase blog

After sharing tons of teasers and behind-the-scenes footage over the past few weeks, we’re excited to announce that our very first Demo Day is finally here! Today, we released 10 demos (i.e. pre-recorded short videos) alongside technical resources to show you what’s new, what’s possible, and how you can solve your biggest app development challenges with Firebase. You don’t want to miss this peek at the future of Firebase!

Tune in from anywhere, at any time to check out the demos at your own pace.

Build, run and scale your apps with Firebase

The demos are designed to help you build and run full stack apps faster, harness the power of AI to work smarter and build engaging experiences, and use Google technology and tools together to be more productive.

AI demos

AI has everyone buzzing, but are you wondering how to practically use it in your app development workflow? You won’t want to miss these demos:

Flutter and Project IDX demos

We also worked closely with our friends across Google, including Flutter and Project IDX (to name a few) to demo integrated solutions from your favorite Google products so you get a seamless development experience. Check them out:

App development demos

And last but not least, we’re committed to helping you improve all parts of app development. Watch these demos on strengthening app security, releasing safely and reducing risk, and automating and scaling your infrastructure. We’ve even added new quality-of-life features and given the Firebase console a highly-requested makeover that’ll take you to the dark side.

Happy Demo Day!

Check out the demos and then join the conversation on X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn using #FirebaseDemoDay to ask questions, give us feedback, and see what the rest of the community is saying.