Rule-based User Lists in AdWords API v201409

We're excited to announce that you can now create and manage rule-based user lists using the AdWords API starting with v201409. With just one account-wide remarketing tag you can now create different user lists. This has been a frequently requested feature from the AdWords API developer community.

What is a rule-based user list?
A rule-based user list lets you target users based on rules triggered by your account-wide remarketing tag, such as pages viewed on your site or the dates on which your site was visited. The rules in a list can be combined into logical AND/OR expressions, allowing you to fully express the exact audience you want to target.

Once your rule-based user list is in place and you've added the corresponding tag to your site, you can target users in the list and even modify your bids for those users.

Where do I start?
To start integrating rule based lists into your application, take a look at the new Rule Based User List Guide, which will walk you through creating a list with some code examples.

Still have questions? Feel free to visit us on the AdWords API Forum or our Google+ page.