New reports, policies and more for iOS Sync

Earlier this year, we launched a new iOS Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution known as iOS Sync for Google Apps, which integrates Google mobile apps with native iOS device management. 

We’re now launching several new features and improvements for iOS Sync, including:

Security policies

  • Backup policies
    • Require encrypted backups
    • Allow user to back up to iCloud
    • Allow user to back up docs and key-values to iCloud
    • Allow user to back up keychain to iCloud
  • Lockscreen policies
    • Allow user to show control center on lock screen
    • Allow user to show notifications on lock screen
    • Allow user to show “today” view on lock screen


  • Updated reports in the Admin console UI:
    • Managed Devices (7 day, 30 day active)
    • Managed Users (7 day, 30 day active)
    • Managed Android devices (7 day, 30 day active)
    • Managed iOS devices (7 day, 30 day active)
  • New reports features:
    • New line charts to help admins see trends in OS version and Sync-type reports
    • Added new sync type: iOS Sync
    • Added support newer versions in reports (e.g., iOS 8)
  • Device info refresh to include IMEI, OS Version, device model and serial number
    • See Device management > Mobile > Managed devices in the Admin console to view refreshed information for individual devices

From the Admin console, the updated 7/30 day active reports can be accessed from
Reports > Aggregate reports > My Reports drop-down. By default, three of the new reports are selectable from the drop-down, and more may be added to the selection list by visiting Select reports > Mobile.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release

For more information:
Help Center
Google for Work G+ post

Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted
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