New Google Drive UI to become the default experience

Since the launch of the new Google Drive UI in June, the new experience has been opt-in, allowing people to try out and become accustomed to the UI and feature set. We’ve since been working on adding a few features that weren’t ready for the launch in June, like the ability to view and manage versions for non-Google file formats, and add caption files or transcript files to videos.

With these features now complete, today’s launch will make the new UI the default experience for people using Drive, while retaining the option for them to return to the old Drive UI via the Settings drop down. In the future, we’ll remove the option to return to the old Drive UI.

Release track:
Rapid release (gradual rollout), with Scheduled release coming early in 2015

For more information:
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Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted
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