New geo targeting options in AdWords API

Building on our AdWords announcement in November 2013, v201402 of the AdWords API supports geo targeting for areas with particular places of interest or income levels. These are useful for reaching customers based on the types of places they visit or demographic information based on their location. Please check the support site for more information, and to determine if these new targeting options are available for the country you would like to target. Within the API, these new criteria types are called LocationGroups and can be applied on a campaign to affect all of its ads.

The targeting can be set up using a matching function, which you may already be familiar with from other parts of the API. There are three new operand types for LocationGroups matching functions. Each matching function will pair one of either IncomeOperand or PlacesOfInterestOperand with a GeoTargetOperand, which is always required, to target income brackets or places of interest within a specific geographical region.

For example, to target airports in New York City using the Java client library, you would set up a matching function using a PlacesOfInterestOperand and a GeoTargetOperand, like this:

LocationGroups locationGroup = new LocationGroups();
Function matchingFunction = new Function();
matchingFunction.setLhsOperand(new FunctionArgumentOperand[] {
new PlacesOfInterestOperand(null, PlacesOfInterestOperandCategory.AIRPORT)
matchingFunction.setRhsOperand(new FunctionArgumentOperand[] {
new GeoTargetOperand(null, new long[]{ 1023191L }) // ID for NYC
You can look up geo target IDs via the LocationCriterionService or in the documentation. You can also see fully functional, runnable code demonstrating this criterion type in each client library (Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby, Perl).

If you have any questions about this or anything else related to the AdWords API, please contact us on the forum or via our Google+ page.