More ways to build and share Google Forms

Several new features have launched today in Google Forms, making them easier to build and share:
Find what you’re looking for
  • Search the menus: Quickly access nearly all features in Forms without having to dig through menus. To use this feature, press Alt + / or look under the Help menu.

New ways to manage your questions
  • Shuffle questions: Randomize the order of questions on quizzes or surveys
  • Allow one response per person: Ensure that a person only responds to your form once
  • Validate information for grid questions: Limit people to one response per column for grid-style questions using the new option under “advanced settings”  

Get the word out with shorter URLs
  • Shorten URLs to your forms: Make it easier for people to get to your form

Release track:
Rapid release, with Scheduled release coming in two weeks for all features except the “search the menus” feature, which will launch to both release tracks today

For more information:
One response per column

Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted
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