Meet the new Google Drive

It’s been a little more than two years since Google Drive launched, and already, more than 190 million people are actively using it to safely store and access their files on their phones, tablets, and computers. This tremendous growth has allowed us to offer more affordable storage plans and, today, we’re updating Drive so it’s faster and even easier to use.
For mobile
If you use the Drive app for Android or iOS, you’ll notice everything is now a bit speedier and easier to navigate. Thanks to faster background syncing, the new mobile app makes it easy to find and quickly open files. Plus, you get a host of new features that let you see who has access, view recent changes, or grab a link to share with more people. You can even enable offline access or print a file directly from the app.

For the web
You’ll be offered access to the new Drive for the web over the coming weeks. When you agree to give it a try, you’ll experience a new look and better performance. It's also easier to take some of the most common actions — simply click once on a file to see recent activity, share with friends, or enable offline access. For you organizational fiends, you now have three easy ways to take group actions on multiple files: right click on the selected files, use the menu above the file area, or simply drag the group to a new location in Drive.

For everyone
We are committed to making Drive useful for everyone. This includes having it localized in over 70 languages and, with this latest update, making Drive much more accessible for our blind and visually impaired users. The new Drive includes improved keyboard accessibility, support for zooming and high contrast mode, and better compatibility with screen readers.

For now
That’s it. Get the mobile apps on Google Play and in the App Store, and then visit on your computer to use Drive on the web. Should you run into trouble with any of these new features, check out the Help Center or reach out to our support team.