Making creative more intelligent

[Editor's note: repost from DoubleClick Advertiser Blog. --Stan Grinberg]

Your media plan is only as good as your creative message. Once you reach the right people, are you telling them something they actually want to hear?

- Pete Crofut, Creative Platforms Evangelist, Google

For the past six months, we’ve partnered with iMedia Connection on a series of articles that explore modern storytelling and the ways that new digital technologies are making ad creative more intelligent. We laid out the challenges advertisers face, examined engaging and data-infused creative examples, and discussed how to make these ads captivating across screens, measurable and scalable.

Today, we conclude this series with a final article, “Technology makes creative more intelligent”, which provides new creative examples and explains how the creative imperative fits into Google’s broader perspective on the "what,” "why" and "how" of modern brand building (entitled the Engagement Project.)

The tools and technology are available to help make your stories come to life online. Now’s the time to embrace the opportunity and think about your creative from a cross-screen, digital-first perspective, to craft messages that will engage people wherever they are.