Introducing Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform

A new way for enterprises to capitalize on Google scale and innovation

Our goal for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is to build the most open cloud for all businesses, and make it easy for them to build and run great software. This means being good stewards of the open source community, and having strong engineering partnerships with like-minded industry leaders.

Today, we're happy to announce more about our collaboration with Pivotal. Its cloud-native platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), is based on the open source Cloud Foundry project that it started many years ago. It was a natural fit for the two companies to start working together.

A differentiated Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Google

Customers can now deploy and operate Pivotal Cloud Foundry on GCP. This is a powerful combination that brings Pivotal’s enterprise cloud-native experience together with Google’s infrastructure and innovative technology.

So what does that mean in the real-world? Deployments of PCF on GCP can include:

Further, the combination of PCF and GCP allows customers to access Google’s data and machine learning (ML) services within customer applications via custom-built service brokers that expose GCP services directly into Cloud Foundry.

This level of integration with Google’s infrastructure enables the enterprise to build and deploy apps that can scale, store and analyze data quickly. The following data and machine learning services are now available in Pivotal Cloud Foundry today:

Customer collaboration - PCF and GCP in action

We pride ourself on our “engineer to engineer” approach to working with customers and partners. And that’s exactly how we worked with The Home Depot as a shared customer of GCP and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The Home Depot software development team worked side-by-side with Google and Pivotal as they co-engineered the integration of PCF on GCP. Together, they’re building business systems for a digital strategy around this partnership, and will be running parts of on PCF and GCP in time for this year’s Black Friday.

Getting started

We've published a “Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform” solutions document that provides an example deployment architecture, as well as links to various setup guides. These links range from the lower-level OSS bits up through step-by-step installation guides with screenshots from our friends at Pivotal. It's a comprehensive guide to help you get started with PCF on GCP.

What’s next

Bringing more GCP services into the Cloud Foundry ecosystem is a priority, and we’re looking at how we can further contribute to the Spring community. Stay tuned for more news and updates- but in the meantime, reach out to your local Pivotal or Google Cloud sales team or contact Sales to talk to someone about this exciting partnership.