Book an Ola or Uber Straight through Google Search

Right now, when you search for directions using Google Maps on your iOS or Android device, we show you a dedicated tab with information for ride services from Ola and Uber in addition to car, transit, or walking. So when you’re heading out to any destination, be it going to work or meeting a friend for dinner, you can easily compare your options to find the fastest way there, without having to open multiple apps.

Today this gets even easier as you’re able to pull up the same menu of ride service options straight from the Google Search app or your mobile search browser. Just ask for directions to a place, and you’ll see a tab for ride services with fare estimates and pick up times if a car is available near you. Or you can say for instance “Taxi to Bangalore airport” or more specifically “Uber to Bangalore airport” or “Ola to Bangalore airport”.  Select a service, and we’ll take you directly to their app to book your ride with one tap. If you don’t have the app installed, we will give you a link to an app store where you can install.

Posted by Sanket Gupta, Program Manager