IMA SDK Moving Off of

What is happening?

If you pay close attention to your network traffic, you’ve probably noticed that the IMA SDK is hosted on Last week we started migrating traffic from this domain to This will be a gradual migration - we will not move all traffic at once. Instead, we’ve started putting all HTML5 traffic on the new domain. Flash and native SDKs will follow shortly. For updates on our progress, check out the "Domain Migration Status” forum thread. The old domain will continue to work for the remainder of the year, but we encourage you to move early.

What this means for you

Flash publishers

Re-download the implementation swc from our downloads page, recompile your app, and re-deploy. This only needs to be done after the Flash migration starts - we’ll let you know when that will happen on the aforementioned forum thread.

HTML5 publishers

Start loading the ima3.js file from the new domain (

Native publishers (Android and iOS users)

You should not be affected by this change.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us via the support forum.