IMA iOS SDK beta 7 released

Today we're releasing beta 7 of the IMA iOS SDK. This release includes an important API change, so you'll need to make a small code revision in your iOS apps that use it. We've introduced the concept of an IMAAdDisplayContainer and changed how companion ads are handled. See our previous blog post for information on changes to the SDK and how to update your application.

We've also updated our iOS sample application so you can see a working implementation of beta 7 of the IMA iOS SDK.

Why do I need to update to beta 7?

Beta 7 of the SDK introduces changes to the way video ads are displayed which will enable continued support of YouTube-hosted ads (including TrueView). Additionally, our restructuring of the SDK's API will eventually allow publishers who require a custom player (similar to the HTML5 SDK) to do so. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on this.

You can get this latest release of the IMA iOS SDK from our IMA downloads page.

Other questions?

As always, feel free to drop us a line on the IMA SDK forum and follow our Google+ page for other announcements and updates.