Help us help you with your DFP API questions

If you’re a DFP developer using our API, no doubt you’ve had a question or two at some point during your integration with DFP. You’ve probably visited the DFP API forums, if not posted to them. Today we just wanted to remind you of a few simple things you can do to help us answer your API questions more efficiently.

Let us know who you are

Including the following information with every question you ask helps reduce the turnaround time for your question:

Send us SOAP logs

SOAP logs contain the raw XML that describes the requests and responses of the API calls you make. These logs can help narrow down issues much faster. If you’re using one of our client libraries, you can visit its GitHub page to learn how to enable logging. For example, Java’s is here.

Here are some additional tips around SOAP logging.

  • When sending us logs, try to send the minimal amount of SOAP logs that clearly show the error or issue that’s occurring. If you send your entire SOAP log for the day, it’ll take longer for us to go through and increase your turnaround time.
  • If you’re seeing errors in your production environment and don’t have full SOAP logging enabled due to space constraints, consider logging only request IDs from the SOAP response instead. Not all errors will necessarily have a request ID, but if they do, that ID can help us look up your error.
  • If you’re not comfortable posting SOAP logs on the forums, you can either (1) paste a snippet of your code instead, or (2) reply directly to us by using reply privately to author.

Distinguish a product issue from an API specific issue

Generally, if an error or issue occurs in both the DFP web UI and API, it is most likely a product-level issue and non-specific to the API. To help determine this, you can try reproducing what you’re doing via the API in the web UI to see if you get the same error or issue. Product-level issues are better handled by your account manager or by posting to the DFP product forums.

If you’re still unsure, you can always post your issue in the API forums and we will be glad to help you out.