Google Voice now generally available in Ireland

This announcement was made at Google Cloud Next ‘19 UK. Check out Next OnAir to tune into the livestream or watch session recordings following the event.

Quick launch summary 

Google Voice is now available in Ireland. This means that:

  • G Suite customers based in Ireland can now sign up for Google Voice
  • Google Voice customers in Ireland, or international customers with Google Voice Premier edition, can assign numbers with Ireland country codes (+353) to users. 
  • Soon, customers will be able to port existing +353 numbers to Google Voice. Follow the G Suite Updates blog to see when this becomes available. 
With this launch, Voice is now available in these 10 countries.

Google Voice is a cloud-based phone system that’s optimized for businesses of all sizes. Customers can use it to deploy and manage phone numbers at scale with the intelligence and security of Google Cloud. Google Voice offers:

  • Smart cloud telephony for end users 
  • Simple provisioning and management for admins 
  • Easy adoption and migration at scale 


Google Voice is available to all G Suite customers in supported countries through an additional license. Find more information about Google Voice availability and pricing here.

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