Google Media Framework: Making online video simple

We’re excited to announce an open source video player framework to make online video and video monetization with the IMA SDK easier than ever. The Google Media Framework (GMF) is available for iOS and Android, and we have a Video.js plugin for web based video players.

Google Media Framework for iOS

Google Media Framework for Android

GMF Features
  • Ready to use Video player for your apps and websites
  • Demo apps include production ready integrations with the IMA ads SDK
  • GMF is free and open source, so can be customized to meet your specific needs (Send us a pull request!)
  • Easily customize the UI color and add or remove buttons
  • Support for iOS 7+ and Android 4.1+

We hope these frameworks enable you to simply make great mobile video apps and awesome web video experiences. You can send us thoughts or questions via the GMF Google group.

GitHub Links

-- The Google Media Framework Team