Google Forms API now available in open beta

What’s changing 

At Google Cloud Next 2021, we announced the Google Forms API Beta, which provides programmatic access for managing Google Forms and acting on responses— empowering developers to build powerful integrations on top of Forms. 

The Google Forms API is now rolling out as an Open Beta which means developers who are part of our Early Adopter Program can make their integrations available to the public. We’ll no longer require individual end-user accounts to be allowlisted. Developers should keep in mind, however, that their integrations are in Beta. 

Developers can apply to join our Early Adopter Program and begin developing using the Google Forms API by filling out this form

See below for more information. 

Who’s impacted 

Admins and developers 

Why you’d use it 

The Google Forms API provides programmatic access to manage Forms and receive responses, supporting the development of a variety of powerful integrations. For example, the API could be utilized to develop real-time dashboards or data visualizations, trigger business workflows incorporating project management, CRM, or LMS tools, or auto-generate forms from question banks or other data sets. 

The API is useful for a variety of tasks such as: 

  • Creating and modifying forms or quizzes 
  • Retrieving form responses or quiz grades 
  • Reading form content and metadata 
  • Receiving push notifications for form or quiz responses and updates 

Getting started 

Rollout pace 

Integration availability for end users