Global Spotlight: Converting pageviews into revenue

Welcome back to our Global Spotlight on India, a nation with a population of over 1 billion people and 22 official languages (not including English) which for current AdSense publishers, this presents an opportunity to grow your audience globally.

The Global Spotlight is a series of blog posts that can help educate, inspire, and provide you with insights into how you can grow your business and share your content in emerging markets.

Our last spotlight shared insights on why you should cater to mobile first users.  Now that you have a site optimized for mobile users and with  high quality, relevant content, here’s how you can convert your traffic into revenue and turn your #PassionIntoProfit.

First, deliver more viewable impressions to get your ads seen. Measuring viewability is extremely important, because if an ad isn't seen, it can't have an impact, change perception, or build brand trust. Here’s a few ways to boost ad viewability on mobile devices:

  1. Replace 320x50 ad units with 320x100 
  2. Move ads at least 150 pixels away from content to cut accidental clicks
  3. Use page-level ads designed for mobile devices. More on page levels below

Learn more tips on boosting mobile ad viewability in this blog post.

Second, choose the right mobile ad sizes: medium rectangle (300x250), large rectangle (336x280), large mobile banner (320x100), and rectangular responsive ad units. They tend to get the best results.

Third, use page-level ads. You’ve heard this from us before haven’t you? Page-level ads are a family of ad formats that offer a new and innovative way to help you earn money from your mobile content. They’re designed to automatically show the right mobile ad format at the right time - potentially increasing your earnings without interfering with your users’ mobile experience.
There you have it, our 3-step strategy to help you expand, or start, your site in India. 
  1. Do your research
    1. Use Google’s research tools
    2. Understand the users in India
    3. Apply your micro-moments strategy
  2. Go mobile or don’t go at all. And make it fast. 
    1. Understand how mobile devices are used
    2. Increase your page speed
    3. Leverage Google’s mobile resources
  3. Convert page views into revenue 
    1. Optimizing for viewability
    2. Use the right ad sizes
    3. Try Page-level ads
Do you want to hear more from us about successfully monetizing your content in India? We regularly host live Hangout on Air sessions to talk through best practices and ways to grow your business. Be sure to register for our next live session on November 17th.

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Source: Inside AdSense