Generating the Snippet Status Report with Ad Exchange Buyer REST API

If you are running DoubleClick Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding campaigns, you can now use the Snippet Status Report Generator to obtain a Snippet Status Report for your creatives. The Snippet Status Report contains the approval status of your creatives, as well as the sensitive and product categorization that Ad Exchange automatically detects. The Snippet Status Report Generator produces reports using the Ad Exchange Buyer REST API.

There are three versions of this report available through the generator: a human readable text format, a binary protocol buffer format, and a spreadsheet-friendly CSV format. The text and protocol buffer version of the report can also be obtained via Google Cloud Storage. The CSV version can be used with spreadsheet programs such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc:

The Snippet Status Report Generator is available on GitHub as a python program. You are encouraged to download it and make modifications to generate reports in your desired format.

If you have any questions or feature requests for the Snippet Status Report Generator, please create an issue on the project’s issues page.

For any questions about the Ad Exchange Buyer API, visit us on the forum or our Google+ page.