DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller REST API Report changes

The ability to generate saved reports using the API will be retired on April 6th, 2015, along with six dimensions due to low usage. After the sunset, any API calls to Reports.Saved or requests for these dimensions will result an error.

After the introduction of the Query Tool to the UI last year, the ability to create and edit saved reports in the UI was removed--leading to the sunsetting of Reports.Saved in the API.

The dimensions that will be removed are
[*] these dimensions haven't been relevant for 6 months due to the move to Enhanced Inventory Controls and only are retained in the UI for historic purposes.

To find out if you will be affected, search your code for any of the strings above and remove them; they will be associated with a call to Reports.Generate.

For a full list of available dimensions please see the AdX Seller REST API documentation.