“Disapproved Ads Auditor” tool

Posted by Nir Kalush, Dvir Kalev, Chen Yoveg, Elad Ben-David

Ads Review Tool

This tool flags (and optionally deletes) policy violating ads across your accounts. Advertisers can learn from the output to ensure their ads are compliant with Google Ads Policies at all times.

Business Challenge:

Advertisers operating at scale need a solution to holistically review policy violating ads across their accounts so they can ensure compliance with Google’s Ad Policies. As Google introduces more policies and enforcement mechanisms, advertisers need to continue checking their accounts to ensure they comply with Google’s Ads Policies.

Solution Overview:

“Disapproved Ads Auditor” is a tool that enables advertisers to review at scale all disapproved ads across their Google Ads accounts. This view allows advertisers to proactively audit their accounts , analyze the ad disapprovals holistically and identify learnings to minimize and reduce submission of potentially policy violating ads.

The tool is based on a Python script, which can be run in either of the following modes:

  • “Audit Mode”- export an output of disapproved ads across your accounts
  • “Remove Mode” - delete currently disapproved ads and log details.

There are a few output files (see here) which are saved locally under the “output” folder and there is an optional feature to export on BigQuery for further data analysis (“Disapproved Ads Auditor” dataset).

Skills Required:

Google Products Used:

  • Google Ads
  • BigQuery

Estimated time to implement the solution: ~2h

Implementation instructions: View on github


“Disapproved Ads Auditor” tool automates auditing ads across your accounts to provide you insights into non compliant ads. You can take the learnings from the output to ensure ads are compliant with Google Ads Policies and avoid creating non compliant ads. Moreover, you can optionally remove disapproved ads.