Changes to DFP Reporting, now with more deprecation!

After our last round of spring cleaning, we've gone back to the drawing board to take another look at how we could make reporting better. There currently is an abundance of Dimensions, DimensionAttributes, and Columns (and more coming with each release), so in an effort to simplify the list of fields, we will be sunsetting the following reconciliation-related dimension attributes / columns in all versions. This will happen on September 1, 2015.

Columns with equivalent replacements:

Columns without equivalent replacements:

While the first two have equivalent replacements, the latter ones are not being replaced, as they don’t exist in core product reporting either.

This means that usage of these columns / dimension attributes will begin throwing errors in all versions starting September 1st. If your network is actively using any of these, please update your reports to switch to the supported fields or remove them entirely. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this, you know where to reach us!