Changes to conversion counting in AdWords scripts

We recently announced changes to conversion counting and column names in AdWords. We are making the following changes to AdWords scripts to match the updated naming conventions:
  • We have deprecated the getConversions and getConversionRate methods in the Stats class. These methods will work for now, and will return the “converted clicks” and “converted click rate” values as per the new naming conventions.
  • We have introduced two new methods, namely getConvertedClicks and getClickConversionRate to replace the deprecated methods. Please use these methods in your new scripts.
  • We are keeping the column names unchanged in reports available through AdWordsApp.reports(). However, the meaning of values returned by these columns will reflect the new methods of counting conversions.
    • The following columns refer to “converted click” columns under the new naming convention.
      • Conversions
      • ConversionRate
      • CostPerConversion
      • ValuePerConv
      • ValuePerConversion
      • ConversionSignificance
      • ConversionRateSignificance
      • CostPerConversionSignificance
    • The following columns in AdWords scripts reports refer to the “conversion” columns under the new naming conventions. These columns will either return “All Conversions” or “Unique Conversions” values depending on the user preference for counting conversions. By default, this preference defaults to “All Conversions”, so these reporting columns will continue returning the same values as they do today, unless the user changes this preference to “Unique Conversions”.
      • ConversionManyPerClick
      • ConversionRateManyPerClick
      • CostPerConversionManyPerClick
      • ValuePerConvManyPerClick
      • ValuePerConversionManyPerClick
      • ConversionManyPerClickSignificance
      • ConversionRateManyPerClickSignificance
      • CostPerConversionManyPerClickSignificance
If you have questions or feedback about this change, let us know on our forum or via the Google Ads Developers Google+ page.

Anash P. Oommen, AdWords Scripts Team