AwReporting: Upgraded to use AdWords API v201502

We’ve upgraded the AwReporting tool to use the latest AdWords API version, v201502. The code changes were made according to the migration guide.

Note that besides code changes, the database tables’ column names have also been updated to reflect the new report field names. Since these changes are scattered around many tables, you can run this version of AwReporting on a new database schema, then use the schema generation command to generate both database schemas and compare them. You can also create SQL scripts to import data from old database tables to new ones with updated column names.

We’ve put the code changes in the v201502_upgrade branch. Please feel free to pull this branch and give it a try. Remember to update the properties file to use the new report field names. This upgrade branch will be merged into the master branch at the end of May.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this upgrade, let us know via the project’s issue tracker.