AppSheet Core licenses will be included by default for more Google Workspace editions, along with a new Admin security setting

What’s changing 

To bring the power of AppSheet to more users, AppSheet Core licenses will now be included for the following Google Workspace editions: 
  • Business Starter, Standard, and Plus 
  • Enterprise Starter and Standard 
  • Frontline Starter and Standard 
  • Non-profits 
  • Education Standard 

Note that AppSheet Core licenses are already included for domain-verified Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Essentials Plus, and Education Plus users. Your Google Workspace instance must be domain-verified to enjoy this feature. 

Along with expanding access, we’re giving Admins a new org-level setting, which controls how users are able to use their AppSheet Core licenses, including whether app data can be shared externally. See below for more information. 

Who’s impacted 

Admins and end users

Why it matters

AppSheet allows users to maximize Google Workspace by building custom applications on top of Google Workspace and other services in their environment, all without writing any code. For example, you can build apps that record facility inspections, document inventory, or manage approvals. 

You can take advantage of AppSheet features and integrations such as:
  • Creating AppSheet-powered no-code Chat apps for Google Workspace.
  • AppSheet databases make it easy for you to organize and manage the data that power your apps directly inside AppSheet. See our Developer Blog for more information. 
  • Building custom automations with email, chat, and push notifications that integrate into your workflows.

By including AppSheet Core licenses in more Google Workspace editions, the power of AppSheet is accessible to more users. Further, Admins will have the security features they need to ensure their users are using AppSheet appropriately in their organization. Visit our Help Center to learn more about getting started with AppSheet as well as our online community to collaborate with other AppSheet Creators.

Additional details

Admins can use the new “Core License Security Setting” in the Google Workspace Admin Console to control features related to whether app data can be shared externally. The setting will apply to the following functions for Google Workspace users using AppSheet Core:
  • Sharing with external app users
  • Connecting to external app data
  • Automation emails to external recipients

The setting applies to all AppSheet Core apps in your domain — for more granular governance, AppSheet Enterprise licenses are required.

  • For Admins with existing AppSheet usage, this setting will be OFF by default to ensure no existing apps are disrupted.
  • For Admins without existing AppSheet usage, the setting will be ON by default.

You’ll begin seeing the new setting in the coming weeks, see the "Rollout" section below for more details.

Getting started


  • If you’re currently paying for AppSheet Core licenses, they will have to be canceled manually. Impacted customers will receive a notification via email in the coming weeks with more information and next steps.
  • Before changing the Core License Security Setting, Admins should check with their AppSheet creators to ensure any active applications don’t rely on the features controlled by the Core License Security Setting. Admins can get a basic understanding of which users are using AppSheet by running a User Report in the Google Workspace Admin Console.


End users 

Rollout pace


  • AppSheet Core licenses are already included for domain-verified Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Essentials Plus, and Education Plus users.
  • AppSheet Core licenses will now be included for domain-verified Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Frontline Starter and Standard, Nonprofits, and Education Standard customers

  • Google Workspace for Education users designated as under the age of 18 are restricted from using AppSheet with their Google Workspace for Education accounts. For more information, use this article in our Help Center about controlling access to Google services by age.