Announcing v201505 of the DFP API

Today we are releasing v201505 of the DFP API. This release brings changes to the ReportService and new features to the Sales Manager API, including advanced ProposalLineItem actions.

In v201505, the ReportService loses all MERGED_* metrics. These metrics, relics from DART migrations, are being deprecated. For more details, check out our earlier blog post. Additionally, the getReportJob method has been replaced by getReportJobStatus. The report utilities in our client libraries have been updated, but you should verify this in your code as well. Migration is straightforward, as shown in this Java example:

// v201502 code
ReportJobStatus status = reportService.getReportJob(reportJobId).getStatus();

// v201505 code
ReportJobStatus status = reportService.getReportJobStatus(reportJobId);

Sales Manager users get new ProposalLineItem actions, including ActualizeProposalLineItems and ReleaseProposalLineItems. You can also use BypassProposalWorkflowRules and include a comment when approving workflow requests.

For a full list of these and other changes, check the release notes.

As a reminder, with each new release comes a new deprecation. If you're using v201405 or earlier, it's time to look into upgrading. If you have any questions about upgrading, let us know on the developer forum.