Announcing v201406 of the AdWords API

Today we’re announcing the release of AdWords API v201406. Here are the highlights:
  • Labels support. The new LabelService now allows you to manage your labels through the API. We've also extended the relevant services to allow setting labels at all levels (campaign, ad group, ad, keyword) and updated reporting to allow labels-based retrieval and filtering.
  • Upgraded URLs. The next generation of destination URLs allow you to specify multiple destination URLs for your ads, criteria and sitelinks. URL templates allow you to change the tracking parameters of your destination URLs without repeatedly reviewing and verifying landing pages. This feature is currently available for test accounts only, but will become generally available soon.
  • Distance targeting. The new LocationExtensionOperand allows you to set a radius around campaign location targets to reach users within the specified area. This will replace legacy Proximity targets in the future.
  • Improved accounts management. ManagedCustomerService now allows you to move whole subtrees between MCCs.
  • Consistency updates. We updated a number of fields and report columns to be more consistent across the API. Make sure to check the release notes for the full list of changes.
Note: ClientLogin authorization protocol is deprecated and is no longer supported in versions v201402 and later. You need to migrate to OAuth2 to use AdWords API v201406 and access these new features.

If you're still using v201309 of the AdWords API, please note that it's being sunset on July 21st, 2014. We encourage you to skip v201402 and migrate straight to v201406. If you're using v201402, be aware it's now marked deprecated and will be sunset on November 6th, 2014.

As with every new version of the AdWords API, we encourage you to carefully review all changes in the release notes and the v201406 migration guide. The updated client libraries and code examples will be published shortly. With this release, we've also updated the Required Minimum Functionality document to include some of the newly added features that are now required in third-party tools. If you have any questions or need help with migration, please post on the forum or the Ads Developers Plus Page.