AdWords scripts integrates with more Google services

We’re excited to announce the integration of AdWords scripts with even more Google services, dubbed “Advanced APIs”, allowing you to make use of these Google services directly from your scripts. The current release allows you to connect with:
  • Google Analytics: Update your account based on your website’s performance.
  • Youtube Analytics: Update your account based on your videos’ performances.
  • YouTube: Use YouTube trends or other channels stats to update your account.
  • Big Query : Manage, upload and query big data sets to better optimize your account.
  • Fusion Tables: Store, share and query your data information.
  • Calendar: Set campaign check reminders, enable/pause ads based on events.
  • Task: Manage and read from your Gmail tasks to optimize your account.
  • Prediction: Create, train, and query prediction models on your campaign’s performance data as well as external data sets.
To learn more about advanced APIs, refer to our code snippets and guide.

We encourage you to give this new feature a try and tell us what solutions you would like to have or other API you would like us to add.

As usual please let us know your feedback on the forum - bug reports and suggestions to improve the API usability are most welcome.