AdWords API Workshops: Feedback in Action!

If you’ve attended one of our AdWords API Workshops, you will know how important we think your feedback is to the growth of the API. We also have surveys you can fill in to let us know what you think. Many of the changes brought about in AdWords API v201406 were influenced by your requests, including:
  • Labels have been introduced to the API, for filtering and in reporting, which has been our most asked for feature for over a year now.
  • Destination URL customization has been improved, which along with greater Analytics functionality, improves your ability to track and manage actions from your Ads.
  • The Status fields of all the entities have been made more consistent. This has meant changing some enumeration fields, for instance, but the result should cause less confusion going forward.
  • Shared Sets are back - currently for whitelisted customers only.
  • Managed Customer Service can now move whole subMCC trees between MCCs.
We want to thank you again for your feedback, and ask that you continue to let us know what you need to use the API more effectively. Your input really does matter, and makes things happen.

Finally, if you want to see the content of our last AdWords API Workshops round, we’ve recorded a series of videos of the presentations we gave. We hope you find them useful and interesting.