Adding new Google+ metrics to the Admin console and Reports API to better track usage and adoption at the user level

From sharing updates with teams to offering advice between offices, more and more organizations are adopting Google+ to transform the way they work. In April of this year, we added aggregated Google+ user activity to the Admin console and Reports API, allowing you to track user signups, posts and comments created, and more. Today, we’re bringing you even more usage reporting so that you can better understand Google+ adoption and engagement in your organization.

Audit Google+ user activity for your organization

To help you get a better sense of the total usage of the product within your organization, we’ve added Google+ user activity data to the auditing section of the Admin console, as well as to the Reports API.

Now, G Suite admins will be able to see when the following events are performed in Google+ in their organization right in the audit logs:

  • Post created
  • Post edited
  • Post deleted
  • Comment created
  • Comment edited
  • Comment deleted
  • +1 added to a post
  • +1 added to a comment
  • +1 removed from a post
  • +1 removed from a comment
  • Poll vote added
  • Poll vote removed

    Better understand how your users are engaging with Google+ and see which users are most active

    Going forward, you can also track the following metrics in the apps usage activity report and aggregate reports in the Admin console or via the Reports API:

    • Number of activities performed per day by each individual user
    • Number of communities where at least one of the community owners is within your domain
    • Number of collections within your organization

    These metrics, as well as user-level metrics for all G Suite apps, can now also be viewed for a chosen date in the past.

    In the future, we’ll continue to bring even more tools to help you manage Google+ usage within your organization. We’re always working to provide admins with the visibility they need, so please let us know what you think and stay tuned for more updates.

    Launch Details
    Release track:
    Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

    Available to all G Suite editions

    Rollout pace:
    Full rollout (1-3 days for feature visibility)

    Admins only

    Admin action suggested/FYI

    More Information
    Help Center: Google+ audit log
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    Help Center: Aggregate reports
    Help Center: Account activity reports
    Help Center: Security reports

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