Create and manage web apps through the Admin console

You can now create, edit, and manage web apps for your organization directly through the G Suite Admin console. This simple interface will help your organization create and use web apps more quickly and effectively.

Web apps turn web pages into apps for better mobile user experiences

Web apps turn a web page into an app on your user’s phones. This can make the web page easier to find and simpler to use on mobile devices. The web app will look like a native app, but when a user clicks on a it Chrome browser opens the specified URL in one of three different display options (see image below). You can distribute web apps the same way you can native apps. This includes adding them to collections in a managed Google Play store.

G Suite customers often use web apps to make sure their users can access key resources on their mobile devices that have websites but don’t have dedicated apps. Examples include employee information portals, intranets, expense submission forms, and more.

Simple web app management in the Admin console 

Find the web apps section of the Admin console at Admin Console > Device management > App Management > Manage apps for Android devices > Manage Whitelisted Apps > Add > Web apps.

From there you can:

  • Create a new web app - Choose the app name, URL, icon, and other details for your web app. 
  • Distribute a web app - Whitelist an app for some or all of your users. 
  • Edit an existing web app - Delete or make changes to a previously created web app. 

See our Help Center for more details on how to create web apps for Android devices.

Note that this is only available to customers with advanced mobile device management enabled.

Web apps let you pin websites as if they were apps on a phone 

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Help Center: Create web apps for Android devices

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