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Making plans? We can help.

Ever been at a loose end, wondering what fun events are happening around you? Hear about that new play but can’t remember where to buy the tickets? Have trouble finding the right activity to do with your sister who has two toddlers? Now Google can help. Starting today on the Google app and mobile web in India, doing a search for events brings up a clear summary of activities from sites from across the web like,,, and more, that might be just what you’re looking for.  

To try it, type in a quick search like, “food festivals in Mumbai,” or “dance performances in Delhi” on your phone. With a single tap, you’ll see at-a-glance details about various aspects, like the event title, date and time, and location. You can tap “more events” to see additional options. Once you find one that’s up your alley, tap it to find more details or buy tickets directly from the event website.


You can also look up events over different time periods: simply tap on filters like "today", "tomorrow", "next week" and more. And if you’re feeling open to more options, you can also try typing “events near me” to see what’s happening around the corner. After all, who knows what fun activities await?

And for all the event creators out there, check out our developer guidelines to see how you can ensure people see your listings when they’re looking for activities and events on Google.  

So the next time there's a tandoori festival happening at your favorite eat street, just Google it to find all the relevant details. Go ahead -- you've got plans to make!

Posted by Nishant Ranka, Product Manager

Introducing the Class of 2017 of the YouTube NextUp Mumbai

 This April, we announced that YouTube NextUp was back in action in India. The sheer quantity and quality of entries we received in the last couple of weeks were a true testimony to the breadth of creative talent in the country.

We received entries  from multiple cities and in numerous languages. The array of content genres was just as diverse, including regional comedy, tech, food, DIY, vlogs, fashion and beauty, gaming and music. We can’t wait to see what else our creators will come out with next.  

The winners (in no particular order) of the YouTube NextUp Mumbai Class of 2017 for YouTube NextUp Mumbai are:

NextUp winners will get to be a part of a weeklong Creator Camp at YouTube Space Mumbai from July 10 to July 14, 2017 where they will team up with production experts to learn about and perfect their camera work, lighting, sound, and writing skills. They’ll also get to hear from some of the NextUp alumni about their journeys on YouTube and explore possibilities of collaborating with other fast-rising creators in the program.

Winners will also receive some cool prizes such as a voucher worth INR 130,000 for production gear, channel strategy consultations, and invites to exclusive events. And as an exciting new perk for this year’s NextUp class, one channel from each NextUp camp in 2016-17 will be invited to attend a global creator camp at YouTube Space Los Angeles at the end of 2017.

Kudos folks! We can’t wait to see you at YouTube Space Mumbai.

Posted by Rajant Meshram, YouTube Online Partnerships Lead, Google Asia Pacific, recently watched Shameless (शेमलेस) by Prajakta Koli ft. Raftaar | MostlySane

Announcing a Search conference for Indian language publishers!


We’re delighted to announce a Search Conference for Indian language publishers. This will be a five-day five-city event in July dedicated to publishers who publish websites in Indian languages. If you are such a publisher, this is the opportunity you may not want to miss.

In this day-long conference, members of the Google Search Quality team will talk about a host of topics including how Search works, tips for better visibility of Indian language websites in Google Search, best practices for mobile-friendly websites, Google’s Search quality guidelines and a bunch of other important things. These presentations will be delivered in the Hindi language.

We’ll also have a guest session by a member of the AdSense team to throw some light on their policies and how to avoid mistakes while running AdSense in Hindi on your sites.

Conference cities and dates:

  • New Delhi on July 5 (Wednesday)
  • Jaipur on July 7 (Friday)
  • Bhopal on July 10 (Monday)
  • Ranchi on July 12 (Wednesday)
  • Lucknow on July 14 (Friday)

At Google, our mission in India is very simple - Internet for every Indian. A connected India with access to the whole web will help businesses grow, power education for the next generation and create growth for the Indian economy.

While the local language Internet usage is growing at an unprecedented pace in India, generating great demand for local content as well as revenue opportunity for publishers, there’s still dearth of local language content on the Internet. This continues to be one of the major challenges faced by an Indian Internet user.

Our goal with this conference is to help the Indian language publishers make their online content more accessible and useful by making their sites search and mobile friendly.

Excited? So are we!

Register here! (The registration form closes on June 23 at 5:00 pm)

Please note that this is an invite-only event and filling out the form does not guarantee your spot at the conference.  

Posted by Dushyant Khare, Director, Global Partnerships

Create your business website in minutes

Business is all about connecting with customers - wherever they are. They can find you on Google Search and Maps, but your website is where they learn the most. As per industry reports, with over 400 million Indians online, and approximately 300 million of them on smartphones, the internet has emerged as the go-to destination to research and buy. However, 32% of small businesses in India* are completely offline. That means they are missing out on many potential customers.

Small business owners tell us that building a website is complex, expensive, and time-consuming. We hear you, so we’re introducing a new simple, free, and fast way to build a website through Google My Business.

With Google My Business, websites are now for everyone - no business is too small. For instance, Pet Palace Dog Hostel has been a part of the pilot project in India. They are based out of Pune, Maharashtra and operate six pet hostels. Pet Project Hostel created a website through Google My Business, and within a few months it has garnered close to 10,000 visits. Similarly Ravi, a Mehndi artist based in NOIDA, UP created a site a few months back and since then it has already received over 6,000 visits.

Using Google My Business, you can create your first website for free, right from your phone in less than 10 minutes. It’s so easy it basically creates itself. We use your Google listing to build the site, taking care of the design and making sure your website is found in Search and Maps.

Our website builder makes it easy to:
  • Create a well-designed site that looks great and runs smoothly wherever and however people find it
  • Stand out online by choosing a design theme, adding your photos, and describing what’s unique about your business
  • Get a free domain from Google or buy your own with Google Domains right from Google My Business
  • Connect with customers by telling them exactly what you want them to do next, like call your business, book an appointment, or sign up for your mailing list
  • Manage everything in one place whether you’re on desktop, mobile, or the Google My Business app
  • Earn new business from AdWords Express and your expanded presence online

In India, you can build a templated and editable website in ten languages - English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, and Malayalam. Over 120,000 Indian businesses are already a part of the pilot program that has been running for the last five months.

No matter what kind of business you own - from an eyeglass shop to a restaurant - a website is a powerful tool to share your business story with your customers, and engage with new customers, even beyond the boundaries of your physical location. People will find you for all kinds of reasons, such as getting your address or seeing photos of what your shop looks like, and you'll be able to grow your business.

Here at Google, we believe in helping local businesses grow their footprint online, and we try to make it as easy as possible. You’ve come this far, so we know you believe in your business. Now make your family and friends proud by showing off your own website, and connect with people locally and around the world.

To create your own website for free, visit

Posted by Shalini Girish, Director - Google Marketing Solutions, Google India

Daydream: Bringing high-quality VR to everyone

Unlike anything else, VR can make you feel like you're transported to a different world. Without a ticket, you can now visit a world-renowned museum, see extinct animals come back to life, or take a field trip to the Taj Mahal. It’s transporting.

Our goal is to make VR for everyone. And with Daydream View everyone can enjoy a comfortable, easy to use, and personalized virtual reality experience.

We’ve been working with developers, smartphone manufacturers, and content creators to make the dream a reality — and now, we’re excited to announce that Daydream View is now available for purchase in India from today.

Pixel, Moto Z and more Daydream-ready phones
With Daydream View, you simply pop a Daydream-ready phone in the headset to start exploring. Daydream-ready phones are built with high-resolution displays, powerful mobile processors and high-fidelity sensors — all tuned to support great VR experiences. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are the first Daydream-ready phones, and you can experience Daydream on the Moto Z as well. Later this year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be Daydream-ready with a software update.

Daydream View, the first Daydream-ready headset and controller

Designed and developed by Google, Daydream View is the first Daydream-ready headset and controller.

Daydream View is:
  • Comfortable. Inspired by the clothes we enjoy wearing, the headset is made with soft, breathable fabric and is designed to fit over eyeglasses.
  • Easy to use. Just drop in your Daydream-ready phone and you’ll be ready to go. The phone and headset have an auto-alignment system so you don’t have to worry about cables or connectors.

    A big part of what makes Daydream View special is the Daydream controller. This small yet powerful controller lets you interact with the virtual world the same way you do in the real world. It points where you point, and is packed with sensors to understand your movements and gestures. You can swing it like a bat or wave it like a wand. And it’s so precise that you can draw with it. The controller slides right inside the headset when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about losing it in your bag or between couch cushions.
  • Yours. Daydream View is designed with choice in mind. The headset fits phones big or small, so it’ll work with any Daydream-ready phone you choose.
Incredible experiences
From the universe of YouTube videos to a magical world where you can cast spells and levitate objects, there is a wide range of experiences available on Daydream.

The best of Google
We’ve brought your favourites into VR. With YouTube, you can watch the entire library of videos on a virtual big screen, and experience VR videos from creators all over the world. Use Street View to see curated tours of over 150 of the world’s most amazing places like the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal — fly over a city, stand at the top of the highest peaks, and even soar into space. You can also search Street View to explore everywhere else. Step inside a virtual gallery and view masterpieces from over 50 world-renowned museums with Arts & Culture. With Play Movies, you can watch shows and films on your own personal big-screen. And Google Photos displays your 360° captures in a whole new way.

Don’t just see the world, experience it
Swim with a pod of dolphins, stand at the edge of a volcano and even visit Pluto. With Daydream View, you can teleport from virtually anywhere to pretty much everywhere. These apps are available on Daydream: NYT VR, Guardian VR, The Turning Forest, Fantastic Beasts, Labster: World of Science and many more.

Your personal cinema
You can always get the best seat in the house with Daydream View. Experience sports, live events and more in full 360° panoramic view. Plus, now you can watch top shows and movies, distraction-free, on your own virtual big screen. These apps are available on Daydream: Netflix VR, Google Play Movies, Within, and more.  

Get in the game
Go from the sidelines to the center of action. Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed down the racetrack. Bowl a strike with a swing of your arm. Cast a spell with your own magic wand. The Daydream controller transforms with your imagination. These games are available on Daydream: The Arcslinger, Wonderglade, Mekorama VR, Gunjack 2: End of Shift, Need for Speed™ No Limits VR, LEGO® BrickHeadz Builder VR and dozens more titles.

Daydream View will be available for purchase from today on Flipkart for INR 6,499.

We are always introducing more apps and partners, and over the coming years we’ll continue our goal of bringing high-quality, mobile VR to everyone.

Posted by Clay Bavor, VP of VR & AR

From the courtly fashions of Versailles to the unmatched elegance of the Saree: 3000 years of fashion brought to you in a new, immersive way

What we wear tells a lot about our social identity, our customs, our habits and where we come from. It's appropriate to say that we don’t just wear clothes – we wear our culture!

Highlighting this very aspect, we at Google Arts & Culture have launched an exciting new project “We wear culture” that showcases 3000 years of fashion from across 42 countries in partnership with 183 world famous museums, fashion councils and universities. Using state of the art technology, including Virtual Reality, 360º videos and Gigapixel images, the platform enables unique online access to historic and contemporary stories that decode the various aspects of fashion for everyone. The stories, photos, videos and VR experiences will appeal to all those who are curious about its various intersections with music, pop culture, dance, technology,  economics and so much more.

So if you want to know more about the ancient Silk Road, or the courtly fashions of Versailles, to how the Vivienne Westwood Corset came to be reconceived as a symbol for sexual empowerment, or the origin of the British punk or the stories behind the clothes you wear today, it’s all there at Perhaps you’re looking for more? You can explore even the Iconic pieces that changed the way generations dressed, be it Marilyn Monroe’s famous Ruby Slipper by Salvatore Ferragamo or the Black Dress by Chanel. It’s there for you to explore,  at your fingertips and at your leisure.


Vivienne Westwood Corset courtesy Victoria & Albert Museum; Ruby Slipper of Marilyn Monroe courtesy Museo Salvatore Ferragamo

The Richness and diversity of Indian Fashion has always been marked by its distinctive and varied craftsmanship, it’s fabrics, the weaves, the natural dyes and vibrant colours as well as the classic Indian drape - the iconic Indian Saree. It would be apt to say that the most versatile garment in the world, the saree, is referenced the world over and worn by millions of women on a daily basis.

To celebrate the rich history of this iconic nine yards, Border & Fall in The Sari Project  have explored 60 regional draping styles. You can also view in detail the varied weaves from across India, from Gharchola to  Patola to Temple to Ikat sarees or trace the story and importance of Indian textiles from ancient sculptures, to heirloom textiles and how events such as Gandhi’s Khadi Movement influenced the craftsmanship from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS). Available online from the CSMVS collection are the heirloom sarees of the Tagore family and that of Homi J. Bhabha’s family.
Various sari drapes courtesy Border&Fall

Of the people, of the land. There is plenty of regional textile and fashion heritage to be discovered. You can revisit the colonial Indian fashion with Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum, and trace the story of the history and impact of cotton in early trade of textiles. Then there are the designs from north-eastern India including the weaves of tribes such as the Nagas, Meitis and the traditional attire from Meghalaya called ‘Dhara’ or ‘Nara’ worn by the Khasi women during special occasions, made up of costly Mulberry and Eri silk yarn.  From down south, view Salar Jung Museum’s exhibits capturing the dress and fashion of royal attires of the Nizams from 19th century Hyderabad (part of Deccan region). Revisit the art of Brocades, Patola and Baluchari with a special exhibit by Museum of Art and Photography.

Navjote ceremony coat of Cursetjee Vakil courtesy CSMVS; Ethnographic documentation of drape styles courtesy CSMVS; Salar Jung III in a sherwani courtesy Salar Jung Museum

The SEWA Hansiba Museum in Randhapur is completely owned and managed by rural women artisans. The museum contains heirlooms by the local communities, such as the Ahir, Rabari and Harijan. The local skilling has helped bond stronger communities, and top fashion designers are now approaching them for fashion sampling. Flamboyant stitches to regional exchanges, the women are building economic security for themselves.

If it is colour that catches your interest, then explore how Indigo cultivation dates back to the Indus Valley civilisation and how this natural dye has been often credited with opening up an extensive range of beautiful blue shades that redefined global fashion even as the knowledge of extracting blue color from green leaves of indigo was closely guarded within the families.  You don’t have to stop at Indigo or India, you can explore the colour palette of global fashion over the years.

With over over 400 online exhibitions and stories sharing a total of 30.000 photos, videos and other documents;  4 virtual reality experiences of iconic fashion pieces; over 700 ultra high-resolution gigapixel images and over 40 venues offer backstage access on Google Street View you could easily get lost in fashion!

We could not have done this it without our partners around the globe. In India we are very proud to partner with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS), Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum (BDL), SEWA Hansiba Museum, Salar Jung Museum, Indian Museum Kolkata, Museum of Art & Photography, Craft Revival Trust, Avani Society, Worldview Impact Foundation, Border & Fall to celebrate this rich history of Indian fashion and bring to life the creativity, heritage and craftsmanship -- for anyone around the world to see, learn, experience and cherish. The new online exhibition opens today at online for free and will also be available through the Google Arts & Culture mobile app both on iOS and Android.

Posted by Simon Rein, India Programme Manager, Google Arts & Culture

Announcing the six Indian Startups for the fourth class of Launchpad Accelerator

We’re delighted to announce the six finalists from India for the 4th class of Launchpad Accelerator program that  will be joining an inspiring group of startups from all over Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe. With this batch, a total of 26 Indian startups have now become part of the  launchpad accelerator program from India.

The fourth class will kick off on July 17th, 2017 at the Google Developers Launchpad Space in San Francisco with a two weeks all-expense-paid mentorship bootcamp.  This batch of startups will gain from our new curriculum that will help the startups dig deeper into machine learning and AI and help them leverage Google’s latest technologies to scale their apps.

In the six months program, they will undergo intensive mentoring from 20+ teams across Google and mentors from top technology companies and VCs in Silicon Valley. Additionally they will  receive equity-free support and credits for Google products and continue to work closely with Google back in India during the 6-month program.

These startups were shortlisted from hundreds of startups who applied this year based on their unique value proposition and use of latest technologies like machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to build high impact solutions that are solving for the Indian context, focusing on new internet users and digital India.  They cover optimization of financial services ranging from loans, credit cards, upto date information platform for train journeys, online video platform focussing on content from Indian cinema from South of India to the unique implementation of AI to aid discovery of recipes for cooking.

The list also includes B2B companies that use AI or ML for various applications be it image recognition capabilities to aid medical diagnosis by analysing visual data, providing solutions for talent acquisition and workforce optimization.

Here’s the full list of shortlisted startups from India:

EdGE Networks: HR solutions provider powered by Artificial Intelligence
FastFilmz: The Super App for Super Fans of South Indian movies!
IndiaLends: Credit underwriting and analytics platform for unsecured consumer lending
RailYatri: Intelligent, big data platform that leverages crowd-sourced content to help long distance travelers
RecipeBook: Intelligent solutions in food and retail powered by deep learning computer vision
SigTuple: Smart screening solutions powered by data driven intelligence

Posted by Paul Ravindranath G, Program Manager, Google India

A new home screen on Google Maps, designed for users in India

Designed for India: Do things faster using the new Google Maps home screen

This week, we are rolling out a new home screen on Google Maps for Android, specifically designed for people in India. After you update to the latest version of Google Maps, you’ll see newly added shortcuts on the home screen that help you explore the app in just a few quick taps. We’re also making sure the new home screen loads fast - so the millions of people in India coming online can discover and share great places, even on spotty connections.

2017-04-26 15_56_05.gif

Now when you fire up your Google Maps app, you’ll instantly see a directions card with different modes of transportation. Whether you’d like to take the bus to Connaught Place in New Delhi or you are planning to go by foot to a new mall that just opened nearby, you can start planning your route with a single tap. And if you’d like to access a certain route while you’re on the go without using data, you can save the route to be used offline.

Below the directions card, you’ll also see icons highlighting some of the other useful features on Maps - from getting a first impression of a place with satellite imagery, to real-time information about traffic around you, to more details about public transport lines when you’re on the road. All these features are now just a tap away. In addition, with a tap on the download icon, you can save a specific map area for offline use, so you can trust you’ll get to where you need to go, even when you lose connectivity.

We hope this new home screen provides a much more intuitive and faster experience for people in India. The Maps team will continue to evolve our products to make them useful no matter where you go or what you do, especially for the millions of people coming online for the first time.

Posted by Cathay Bi, Product Manager Google Maps

YouTube NextUp is back in India — enter now for a chance to be a part of NextUp’s Class of 2017!

Whether you are passionate about sharing your recipes with the world like Kabita's Kitchen, or are a tech whiz like Technical Guruji, YouTube is committed to supporting you at every step of your creator journey. As a part of our quest to hone the next generation of talent on YouTube, we are bringing back the YouTube NextUp program across YouTube Spaces globally this year — and yes, it is back in Mumbai.  

Last year in 2016, NextUp made its debut in India, where 30 winners were selected from a diverse group of entries that surpassed boundaries of language, region, or content genre. We hosted the winners at YouTube Space Mumbai at Whistling Woods International for a week long creator camp where they learned about production techniques, participated in scripting workshops, collaborated with other creators, and had a lot of fun making new videos.  

As you can see, NextUp has helped many creators turbocharge their channels and expand their online presence. Last year’s NextUp alumni such as Sejal Kumar & Ur Indian Consumer (among others) walked the YouTube FanFest red carpet for the first time and Mumbiker Nikhil even performed on stage in front of 7500 screaming fans in Mumbai. Sign up for NextUp to see if this can be you!
So who’s NextUp? We’re looking for passionate and motivated YouTube creators who are ready to create more compelling stories with better production skills; those who are seeking mentorship from production and channel development experts, and eager participants looking for an opportunity to collaborate with talented creators and be a part of the global NextUp community.  
Up to 12 YouTube channels from India will be selected as winners to join the NextUp class of 2017 at YouTube Space Mumbai. If selected, you will be eligible to receive:
  • Week-long creator camp at YouTube Space Mumbai
  • Voucher of INR 130,000 for video production equipment
  • Ongoing account management by the YouTube Partnerships team
  • Opportunity to meet and learn from the NextUp Alumni and some of the fast fast-rising creators in India
  • *new for 2017* One channel from each NextUp camp in 2016-17 will be invited to attend a global creator camp at YouTube Space LA at the end of 2017
To enter the India YouTube NextUp contest, see full details (including the eligibility requirements and contest rules) at We’re excited to see what you’ll come up with!

Posted by Rajant Meshram, YouTube Online Partnerships Lead, Google Asia Pacific, recently watched Fashion Bloggers in Real Life| Sejal Kumar

A new homescreen on Google Maps – designed for users in India

Earlier this week, we have rolled out a new home screen on Google Maps for Android, specifically designed for people in India. The new home screen makes Google Maps easier to use, letting you navigate around and explore things with just one tap. The newly added visual elements let you spend less time searching for your destination and more time enjoying your journey. And with this update, the new home screen will load the map much faster - so the millions of people in India coming online can discover and share great places, even on spotty connections.

2017-04-26 15_56_05.gif

Maps are great for helping you get from A to B, for instance when you’re looking for directions before hopping on a scooter to Connaught Place in New Delhi. Now when you fire up your Google Maps app, you’ll instantly see a directions panel with icons for modes of transportations. So whether you’d like to take the bus or are planning to go by foot to a new mall that just opened near you, just type in the place you’d like to go to and you’ll get directions in just one tap. While you’re looking for directions, the map can load in the background, making the home screen load much faster on slow connections. And if you’d like to access a certain route while you’re on the go without using data, you can also save a route to be used offline.

Below the directions panel, you’ll also see icons highlighting some of the other useful features on Maps. From getting a first impression of a place with satellite imagery to real-time information about traffic around you, to more details about transit lines when you’re on the road - these features are now just a tap away. In addition, with a tap on the download icon, you can now download a specific map area for offline use, so you can explore your surroundings even when you’re in a place with spotty connectivity or no connectivity at all.

This new home screen is designed for people in India - we’re hoping that this helps to provide a much more intuitive and faster experience for users in India. We’ll continue to evolve our Maps and Local products to make them useful no matter where you go or what you do in India, especially for the millions of people coming online for the first time.

Posted by Cathay Bi, Product Manager, Google Maps