YouTube to show more local language content

Starting today, YouTube users in India will see more local language content on Home and Trending. Based on your watch history, YouTube will automatically identify your preferred Indic language - from Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu - and display more content in that language on Home.

The language preference is based on a combination of your user interface language, your watch history, and your location. If you think that YouTube has identified the wrong language for you, you can change your language. Or you can simply watch more videos in your language, and YouTube will gradually correct itself.

As a result, you will see more local language content in two places on YouTube:
  1. On Home, you will see more local language content such as movies and music, especially if you’re a first time user. If you’re an existing YouTube user, you will continue to receive great recommendations based on what you watch.
  2. Trending will now show trending videos based on your local language. For example, if you have indicated preference for Tamil, Trending will contain videos that are trending amongst Tamil-speaking users in India.

Trending list in Hindi Trending list in Telugu

We are excited to help more Indians find content in their local languages, especially those who are coming online for the first time. We hope this will make their experience even more engaging and relevant. We’re equally excited to help regional content creators reach audiences in their local languages more quickly.

This feature has started rolling out for all users. We hope that you enjoy discovering the wealth of local content available on YouTube in all languages.

Posted by Marcel Gordon, Product Manager, YouTube