Visit a class using new option in Google Classroom

What’s changing

Previously, education leaders and other support staff had to be added as permanent co-teachers in Google Classroom if they wanted to provide support to teachers, manage substitutes or check on student progress. 

Starting today, we’re introducing the ability to visit a class, which allows permissioned users to temporarily access classes to support educators, post announcements, view student profiles, and more, without being assigned as a permanent co-teacher

Visit a class using new option in Google Classroom

Why it matters 

Education leaders and support staff members can now temporarily access classes and avoid unnecessary notifications and homepage clutter. 

Additional details 

Principals, department heads, school counselors, curriculum leaders, administrative assistants, coaches, mentors, and IT admins are the types of education leaders and support staff members that will benefit most from this feature. However, Super Admins can use their discretion in choosing who gets access to this feature and to which classes. 

Getting started 

  • Admins: 
    • This feature will be OFF by default to ensure Super Admins can designate which individuals or groups within the organization have access to this feature. To appoint users with temporary class access in the Admin Console: 
      • Create a new custom admin role in Admin Console with the “Manage Classes” privilege 
        • In Admin Console, go to Menu > Account > Admin roles > Create new role 
        • Add a name (something like “Education Leaders”) and description to the new role 
        • From the Privilege Name list, select the following privilege: Classroom > Manage classes. If preferred, other privileges can be selected 
        • Assign the new custom admin role to select users or security groups 
        • To limit access to specific classes, scope the user’s role to a organizational unit(s) 
      • Visit the Help Center to learn more about designating users with temporary class access
  • End users: 
    • When the Manage Classes privilege is enabled by your admin, you can search for classes from the Classroom homepage.
    • Upon selecting a class to visit, you will be prompted to notify the teacher with the reason for the visit. 

Rollout pace 

Admin Console: 

Google Classroom: