Use Connected Sheets with VPC-SC protected data, improved Cloud Audit Logs for Connected Sheets events

What’s changing 

BigQuery datasets that are behind a perimeter created by VPC Service Controls can now be accessed using Connected Sheets

We’ve also made improvements to the Connected Sheets logging in the Cloud Audit Logs. See the “Additional details” section below for more information. 

Who’s impacted 

Admins and end users 

Why you’d use it 

This change gives VPC Service Controls Admins and Editors the ability to allow members of your organization to access, collaborate on, and generate insights from VPC Service Controls protected data via Connected Sheets. 

Additional details 

By default, Connected Sheets cannot access BigQuery data that is protected by VPC Service Controls; however, VPC Service Controls perimeters can now be configured to allow queries issued through Connected Sheets to succeed. This configuration can only be changed by VPC Service Controls Admins and Editors. 

Improved Connected Sheets logging 
Whenever BigQuery data is accessed in Connected Sheets, entries are recorded for who accessed the data and when in Cloud Audit Logs

Now, the Cloud Audit Logs will additionally include the ID of the spreadsheet that generates the BigQuery data access. Every spreadsheet has a unique ID containing letters, numbers, hyphens, or underscores, which can be found in the Google Sheets URL. Use this documentation to learn more about where to find this additional information in the Cloud Audit Logs. 

Getting started 

Rollout pace 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers Available to users with personal Google Accounts 
  • Not available to legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers