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Welcome creators! YouTube Space Toronto opens today

Canada is a creative powerhouse. From global musical sensations and trailblazing beats, to electric comedy and captivating edutainment, Toronto has long been an epicentre for creative talent.

Today we officially open YouTube Space Toronto to supercharge one of the largest creator communities in North America! YouTube Space Toronto will be a creative industry incubator, offering creators an opportunity to learn from industry experts, connect with fellow YouTubers in a collaborative setting and use the latest latest film equipment to create more ambitious and innovative video content.
YT_logo_space_TORONTO (1).png
Located at at George Brown College’s Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, YouTube Space Toronto will offer workshops and programming at no cost  to Canadian creators who are looking to build their channels, giving them tools and guidance to remove barriers and enable them to innovate and experiment.

At YouTube Space Toronto, creators can:
  • Learn: From training programs and workshops to master classes, there are plenty of opportunities to get hands-on experience from industry experts.
  • Connect: Attend events, collaborate with fellow creators, brainstorm ideas, and share tips and tricks to get the most out of YouTube.
  • Create: This is your space to make your videos and there are resources to help you from start to finish, including areas for creative collaboration; loaner production equipment such as cameras, lights, boom microphones, and more; rotating sets and enclosed sound stage.

The Canadian creator scene is one of the world’s most vibrant YouTube communities, with many of the world’s top YouTube creators hailing from Canada. We’re thrilled to open our doors to this incredible community, as well as the next generation of YouTube artists, musicians and entertainers, who are looking build their channels and share their content with YouTube’s audience of one billion people.
YouTube Space Toronto - lobby entrance.jpg
The entrance to YouTube Space Toronto at George Brown College

Today, YouTube Space Toronto joins a list of eight other cities to have a YouTube Space, all of which are also known for their local creative industries. Since March 2015, creators filming in YouTube Spaces globally have produced over 10,000 videos, which have generated over 1 billion views and 70+ million hours of watchtime.
Play button recipients at the YouTube Space Toronto Opening. Collectively, the creators in attendance had 70 million subscribers - or twice the population of Canada!

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We can’t wait to see what happens when Canadian creators have a Space to call their own. One thing we know for sure, the world will be watching!

Posted by Liam Collins, Head of YouTube Spaces Americas

YouTube Space Mumbai – Coming soon!

India is seeing an emergence of a new generation of YouTube creators who are capturing the color, music, humour, and drama of India more creatively than ever before. In fact, Indian creators are now amongst the top contributors in Asia when it comes to driving time spent on YouTube watching videos. Recently, we also celebrated milestones for two of our Indian creators AIB and TVF, who reached over 1 million fans within two years on the platform. To support this incredible community of YouTube creators and foster the next generation of talent, YouTube has partnered with one of Asia’s largest and most renowned film schools, Whistling Woods International, to set up a new YouTube Space in Mumbai.

Located in the heart of Mumbai’s film & television production hub Filmcity, Whistling Woods International has been rated one of the ten best film schools in the world by ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, running undergraduate, postgraduate and short programmes in practical filmmaking. Through this collaboration, India's popular up-and-coming YouTube creators, as well as their students, will have free access to Whistling Woods’ studios, high-end audio, visual and editing equipment, in addition to training programs, workshops and community events. We’re already in advanced stages of setting up the place and we’ll be opening the gates for all creators soon.

This collaboration follows in the footsteps of our YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York City, Sao Paulo, and more recently in Berlin. Since the first Space was launched in 2012, creators have visited YouTube Spaces over 100,000 times, we have had over 800 events and workshops and our partners have created over 11,000 videos.

Like all of our production facilities, YouTube Space Mumbai will be a place where creators can collaborate, innovate and experiment with new content for audiences around the world to watch and love. It’ll also offer opportunities to:

  • Learn: From training programs and workshops to master classes, there are opportunities to get hands-on experience from industry leaders, and learn to use high end production equipment, production techniques, and YouTube best practices.
  • Connect: Attend events, meet fellow creators, spark new ideas and share experiences on how to succeed on YouTube.
  • Create: This is a space for creators to bring stories to life. They’ll have access, for free, to studios and all the latest audio, visual and editing equipment that will enable them to experiment and create great videos that fans will love.

The YouTube Space Mumbai will be another way for YouTube to help foster creativity, entrepreneurship and partnership with top video creators in the country and around the world. It’s amazing to see what Indian creators have already been producing and we are excited to see what is coming next. As these creators at Whistling Woods ask us, tell us what you’d like to produce if you had a Space. Use the hashtag #ifihadspace on social media to let us know, and also sign up to our newsletter for updates about the Space.

Posted by David Macdonald, Head of YouTube Spaces, Asia Pacific, who recently watched EIC: Education Then vs Now, filmed on location at Whistling Woods.