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Google Analytics Summit 2014: What’s Next And On The Horizon For Analytics

As they have for years, Google Analytics Certified Partners, Premium customers and developers will once again join us in the Bay Area for our annual summit this week. We are constantly working to improve our products based on feedback from our most dedicated users and this event lets us hear directly from our community. We wanted to share an overview of some of the tools and features we’ll discuss at the 2014 summit so that even if you aren’t able to attend, you can about hear what’s next. 

Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Analytics Ecommerce data traditionally focused on details about the purchase - transaction details, product details, and others. But, marketers today want to understand the entire customer journey. They want more details about customer behavior when looking at products, interacting with merchandising units and on-site marketing. Today we’re announcing the beta for Enhanced Ecommerce - a complete revamp of how Google Analytics measures the Ecommerce experience. 

Businesses can now gain clear insight into new important metrics about shopper behavior and conversion including: product detail views, ‘add to cart’ actions, internal campaign clicks, the success of internal merchandising tools, the checkout process, and purchase. Merchants will be able to understand how far along users get in the buying process and where they are dropping off. For a complete overview of new features, have a look at our Help Center.

For marketers and Ecommerce managers looking to hone their analytic skills, we are also announcing a new Analytics Academy course titled Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions. Students will be guided through interactive examples of analyses for a fictional retail company to practice techniques they can apply to their own business. You can sign-up to be notified when this course opens on the Analytics Academy site.

Flexible and Scalable Reporting  

Today’s marketers and analysts are looking to multiple data sets to gain deeper insights. We’re working on a number of new features to make it simple for businesses to work with different types of data in Google Analytics.  
  • We unveiled Unified Channel Groupings to ensure all traffic that comes to the your site are classified in-line with your unique channel definitions. This is especially valuable for attribution, so marketers can interpret and report on the consumer journey based on their unique view of acquisition channels. 
  • We’ve expanded the functionality of Google Analytics Dimension Widening, now called ‘Data Import’, to enable customers to import more of their own data into Google Analytics. This could include specific product details, information about returned products, insights about your customers’ preferences, and more. Imported data can be used with almost all of the standard Google Analytics features. For a complete list of the types of data you can import please see our article in the help center (linked above).
  • For Google Analytics Premium users, we’re introducing Custom Tables. This powerful feature enables users to retrieve unsampled data using customized tables that best fit their business’ needs. Once configured, fresh data will be available daily for unsampled analysis and segmentation. 
Enterprise-Class Features

Today, smart marketers are increasingly tying measurement to media execution. We’re excited to announce a seamless integration between Google Analytics Premium, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Google Analytics Premium is uniquely positioned to help today’s advertiser understand how customers, and potential customers, interact with advertising media trafficked on the DoubleClick platform. In addition to understanding impression level data, advertisers can now send remarketing lists from Google Analytics to DoubleClick Bid Manager.

We added Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager integration this year in order to further optimize our strongest lead generating campaigns. 70% of our display leads come from our retargeting campaigns, and the Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager integration allows us to move beyond optimizing by site and creative, to quickly personalizing creatives - optimizing using our knowledge of distinct visitor segments not just generic visits.  
-Melissa Shusterman, Strategic Engagement Director, MaassMedia

Additionally, for enterprise customers, service providers, or developers that manage many accounts we are offering 4 new APIs to help you save you time and increase productivity: the new Provisioning API to create new GA accounts (invite only), the AdWords and Filters API to manage configurations, and the Embed API to surface key reports and dashboards. We’ve also re-launched the App Gallery as the Partner Gallery, the new destination to find services by Google Analytics Certified Partners and apps by Google Analytics Technology Partners. The new gallery will rollout to all users over the coming week.

Stay tuned in the next several days for deep-dives about our various new tools and features. You can also sign-up for the whitelist of several of the features listed above here. Thank you to our partners, developers, and customers for all the great feedback over the year. We hope to continue developing and launches capabilities that matters to you most.  

Posted by the Google Analytics team

Google Analytics Conference Nordic in Stockholm, Sweden

The event takes place August 28-29 in Stockholm, Sweden. You can expect to hear expert tips on how to get maximum value out of Google Analytics, and learn from other organizations using the tool. 

Started based on an initiative by Outfoxwho gathered the other Google Analytics Certified Partners, the conference is now returning for the fourth consecutive year.

Our Stockholm conference includes:

 • Clinics led by Google Analytics Certified Partners
 • Case studies from businesses and other organizations
 • Opportunities to interact with peers and experts
 • ...much more!

The conference is being visited by two top speakers from Google, Daniel Waisberg and Kerri Jacobs.

Daniel Waisberg is the Analytics Advocate at Google, where he is responsible for fostering Google Analytics by educating and inspiring Online Marketing professionals. Both at Google and his previous positions, Daniel has worked with some of the biggest Internet brands to measure and optimize online behavior. 

Before kickstarting the Google Analytics Premium sales team, Kerri Jacobs was a Sales Manager for the DoubleClick publisher, agency and marketer product portfolio. Kerri has been a leader in the online sales world since the early days.

Besides meeting Google, you’ll meet Google Analytics Certified Partners Outfox, iProspect, Knowit, MediaAnalys, Netbooster, Klikki and Web Guide Partner. You will also meet and learn from several end users who use Google Analytics on a daily basis.

To join us in Stockholm August 28-29, visit the conference site and secure your ticket before it's sold out again.

Posted by Lars Johansson, Google Analytics Certified Partner

Join us for a conversation on the future of digital advertising

Digital is no longer just another marketing channel. It’s a medium that’s changing the art of storytelling and reinventing the way companies connect with consumers. 

How will digital advertising evolve next? You’re invited to tune in live as industry leaders tackle the question at DoubleClick’s annual event on digital trends. 

Speakers include: 
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation 
  • Nikesh Arora, Chief Business Officer at Google
  • Neal Mohan, VP of Display Advertising at Google 
Wednesday, June 4 
9:30 am PDT - 10:45 am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT - 1:45 pm EDT 

Time not convenient? When you register you’ll receive a link to watch the recording on demand.

We hope you can join! 

Here’s footage from last year’s event to give you a taste of the 2014 live stream: 

Invest In Yourself: Learning Digital Analytics In 2014

We’re excited to help digital marketers become more data savvy through the Analytics Academy. Initially launched in October of last year, our first course attracted more than 145,000 students - and more than 30,000 finished the course and earned a certificate of completion.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce the launch of our next course in the Analytics Academy titled “Google Analytics Platform Principles.”

In this course we’ll dive deeper into the details of how the platform collects, transforms and organizes the data you see in Analytics. Understanding how these processes work is the first step to refining your implementation and uncovering more valuable insights about your business.

In this self-paced online course, you’ll learn about:
  • the four components of the Analytics platform: collection, processing, configuration and reporting 
  • how Analytics collects the data you need across different devices
  • how your data is transformed before you see it in your reports
  • key concepts for customizing your Analytics data in useful ways
Registration is now open and the course begins March 11, 2014. You can sign up here.

The importance of education
It’s never been a more exciting time for businesses as technology is driving innovation at an astounding rate. With the introduction of mobile devices (and tablets) and the ability to understand user behavior - the fundamental way that we do business is changing. And the key driver is data.

All of these new technologies create information - data that we can use to better understand the needs of customers. If we understand the customer better, we can help them achieve their goals, while we achieve ours.

Nowhere is this more evident than in digital marketing and digital advertising. 78% of marketers feel the need to become more data driven and almost 40% of major brands see a talent gap in analytics. Marketers need to know how their campaigns drive direct conversions, and more importantly, how they improve the overall performance of other campaigns. This can be an imposing task for someone that doesn’t know the difference between a conversion and bounce rate. 

No matter what your role in business, from marketing to product to PR, you will need to work with data. Luckily there many opportunities for all of us to learn. Make 2014 the year that you invest in yourself and develop your analytical skills.

To paint the picture of the opportunity, we also created an infographic to get you excited about embarking on your own personal analytics education (see a preview below, but view the whole graphic here). We hope to see you at our MOOC in class!

Posted by Justin Cutroni, Analytics Evangelist, Google

2014 Digital Analytics Association Awards For Excellence

It’s award season once again - Digital Analytics awards! 
The Digital Analytics Association exists to help organizations illuminate and overcome the challenges of data acquisition, exploration, deduction and application. The DAA is a not-for-profit, volunteer-powered association, and strives to help individuals become more valuable through education, community, research and advocacy. If you are involved in the analytics industry, we encourage you to check out what the DAA has to offer.

This week, the DAA announced its list of nominees for the DAA Awards of Excellence. These awards are a great way to celebrate the outstanding contribution to our profession of individuals, agencies, vendors and practitioners.

This year’s  list of nominees is chock-full of highly talented individuals, new technologies, agencies & vendors. We’re excited to see so many inspirational leaders nominated for recognition and are looking forward to the digital analytics industry growing for many years to come via their leadership.

We are also honored to see a few Googlers nominated for awards.

Krista Seiden has been nominated for Digital Analytics Rising Star and Practitioner of the Year. Our Analytics Evangelist, Justin Cutroni, our Analytics Advocate, Daniel Waisberg, and our former GACP Program Manager, Jesse Nichols, who travel the world sharing Analytics love have each been nominated as Most Influential Industry Contributor (individual). Jesse has also been nominated for Practitioner of the Year.

We’d also like to recognize the many members of our GACP network who also received nominations. We wish you all the best of luck!

If you’re a DAA member make sure you vote by January 31. Winners will be announced at the 2014 DAA Gala in San Francisco on March 18. Tickets are available now.

Posted by the Google Analytics Team

Learn About Analytics From Googlers At These Upcoming Events

We’re excited to be well into 2014, another year marketers and businesses will make continued investments in Analytics education for their teams. With that, conference season continues to ramp up.Things are likely moving fast for you as well, so we wanted to make sure you were updated on some of the key industry events our team members would be presenting at for the next few months. Following is a brief list. We hope to see you in-person at some of these (or on the digital discussions for our Webinars).
Googler Daniel Waisberg presenting on The Full Customer Journey in Dublin.

1/26: Search Marketing Expo Israel
Analytics Advocate Daniel Waisberg will be presenting a session on segmentation. Learn more.

1/29: Infopresse: Digital Performance in Montreal, Canada
Google’s Analytics Evangelist Justin Cutroni will be speaking on Universal Analytics. Learn more

2/6: IAB UK: Award Winning Attribution in London
Daniel Waisberg will be presenting on Attribution Modeling. Learn more.

2/11: SES London
Daniel Waisberg will be presenting on Segmenting your data to make better decisions. Learn more

2/14: Congresso E-Commerce Brasil De Search & Vendas 2014
Googler Eduardo Cereto will be presenting on using Analytics for E-commerce marketers and agencies. Learn more.

2/28: International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN
Analytics Advocate Adam Singer will share key metrics to measure for the mobile / apps ecosystem. Learn more

3/18: Travel Technology Initiative in London
Daniel Waisberg will be speaking on the importance of attribution for travel professionals. Learn more

3/18: Game Developer Conference in San Francisco
Googlers Russel Ketchum and Rahul Oak will be presenting a session for app developers on using data to improve their app. Learn more

3/21: Be-Wizard in Remiti, Italy
Justin Cutroni will be presenting on making data actionable with Remarketing. Learn more.

3/25: SMX Munich
Justin Cutroni will be speaking on people, process & platform: how to conceptualize your digital analytics practice. Learn more.

3/27: PRSA Big Data Webinar (Online)
Adam Singer will be presenting on how PR pros can use Google Tools to put data to work for their programs. Learn more

4/2: Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference in Orlando
Adam Singer will be presenting on how to best measure and improve your social campaigns using data. Learn more.

4/7: SearchLove in Boston
Justin Cutroni will be presenting a session on best practices for cohorts and user measurement. Learn more.

4/7: Google Analytics Workshop in Washington DC
Adam Singer will be sharing a half-day workshop on using Analytics for communicators along with other trainers from PRNews. Learn more

4/16: Analytics & Optimization Summit (Online)
Googler Krista Seiden will be presenting on testing and optimization at this online digital advertising event. Learn more.

4/17: Building a Testing Culture panel at OptiCon
Krista Seiden will be presenting on a panel at Optimizely’s OptiCon conference on best practices and tips for building a testing culture. Learn more

And remember, even if you can’t make it to an event in person, you can follow Google Analytics on Twitter and Google+ where we share highlights from events.

Posted by the Google Analytics Team

SUPERWEEK 2014: January 21-23, Hungary

The following is a guest post contributed by Zoltán Bánóczy, founder of AALL Ltd. and the SUPERWEEK Conference series.

In the fourth week of the New Year, many of us will enjoy the gorgeous view pictured below as the actual backdrop for one the year’s most exciting analytics conferences.  Speakers hailing from Jerusalem to Copenhagen to San Francisco to Ahmedabad promise to deliver insightful talks about a wide range of topics surrounding the modern digital industry.

The 3 day SUPERWEEK 2014 begins on January 21st, located on the beautiful mountaintop of Galyatető, at the highest-lying 4 star hotel in Hungary. Fly to Budapest easily from across Europe and rely on our shuttlebuses called SUPERBUS as an option for your package. Conference goers can expect advanced talks at the sessions, data based opinions shared during the panels, and Google Tag Manager deep dives - some say even deeper than the Mariana Trench. 

In his keynote, Avinash Kaushik will share a collection of strategies to help you ensure that the focus of your analytics effort is on taking action and not data regurgitation in a session titled: “Driving an Obsession with Actionable Analytics.“  Caleb Whitmore (Analytics Pros) will be providing a “hands-on” training and conference goers can complete the GAIQ exam right afterwards. Excitingly, we get the opportunity to ask Avinash about Life! - in his Q&A session entitled: “Search, Social, Analytics, Life: AMA (“ask me anything”)”. 

Speakers include industry thought leaders, Top Contributors to the AdWords forums and many Google Analytics Certified Partner companies - all from about 10 countries.

We’ll try to cover the latest of the industry: predictive analytics (Ravi Pathak, India), Universal Analytics & Google Tag Manager implementations (Yehoshua Coren - Israel, Doug Hall - UK, and Julien Coquet - France), PPC / display advertising (Jacob Kildebogaard - Denmark and Oliver Schiffers - Germany), A/B testing, privacy (Aurélie Pols - Spain) and even analytics expert  “The Professor”, Phil Pearce from the UK.

Join us for the emblematic, traditional evening with campfire made from large 2+ meter logs where a wide range of (mulled) wine and mellow mood will be served.

Keep up to date on the agenda and other programmes by following us at @superweek2014 (or #spwk during the event) on Twitter.

Posted by Zoltán Bánóczy, Google Analytics Certified Partner