SUPERWEEK 2014: January 21-23, Hungary

The following is a guest post contributed by Zoltán Bánóczy, founder of AALL Ltd. and the SUPERWEEK Conference series.

In the fourth week of the New Year, many of us will enjoy the gorgeous view pictured below as the actual backdrop for one the year’s most exciting analytics conferences.  Speakers hailing from Jerusalem to Copenhagen to San Francisco to Ahmedabad promise to deliver insightful talks about a wide range of topics surrounding the modern digital industry.

The 3 day SUPERWEEK 2014 begins on January 21st, located on the beautiful mountaintop of Galyatető, at the highest-lying 4 star hotel in Hungary. Fly to Budapest easily from across Europe and rely on our shuttlebuses called SUPERBUS as an option for your package. Conference goers can expect advanced talks at the sessions, data based opinions shared during the panels, and Google Tag Manager deep dives - some say even deeper than the Mariana Trench. 

In his keynote, Avinash Kaushik will share a collection of strategies to help you ensure that the focus of your analytics effort is on taking action and not data regurgitation in a session titled: “Driving an Obsession with Actionable Analytics.“  Caleb Whitmore (Analytics Pros) will be providing a “hands-on” training and conference goers can complete the GAIQ exam right afterwards. Excitingly, we get the opportunity to ask Avinash about Life! - in his Q&A session entitled: “Search, Social, Analytics, Life: AMA (“ask me anything”)”. 

Speakers include industry thought leaders, Top Contributors to the AdWords forums and many Google Analytics Certified Partner companies - all from about 10 countries.

We’ll try to cover the latest of the industry: predictive analytics (Ravi Pathak, India), Universal Analytics & Google Tag Manager implementations (Yehoshua Coren - Israel, Doug Hall - UK, and Julien Coquet - France), PPC / display advertising (Jacob Kildebogaard - Denmark and Oliver Schiffers - Germany), A/B testing, privacy (Aurélie Pols - Spain) and even analytics expert  “The Professor”, Phil Pearce from the UK.

Join us for the emblematic, traditional evening with campfire made from large 2+ meter logs where a wide range of (mulled) wine and mellow mood will be served.

Keep up to date on the agenda and other programmes by following us at @superweek2014 (or #spwk during the event) on Twitter.

Posted by Zoltán Bánóczy, Google Analytics Certified Partner