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Learn Kotlin Fast with new Kotlin Bootcamp course

Posted by Aleks Haecky, Training Developer & Word Artist, Google+, LinkedIn, Medium

The Kotlin Bootcamp Udacity course is a free, self-paced online course that teaches you the basics of the Kotlin programming language. This introduction to Kotlin was created by Google experts in collaboration with Udacity and is for people who already know how to program.

The Kotlin language lets you create apps in less time, writing less code, and with fewer errors.

This modern object-oriented language offers a strong type system, type inference, null safety, properties, lambdas, extensions, coroutines, higher-order functions, and many other features. Kotlin is so concise that you can create complete data classes with a single line of code.

Kotlin is officially supported for building Android apps, fully interoperates with the Java programming language and libraries, and is included with IntelliJ and Android Studio.

In this course you will learn everything you need to program in Kotlin, including:

  1. Basics: Write Kotlin statements and expressions in the IntelliJ REPL Kotlin interpreter using nullable and non-nullable variables, data types, operators, and control structures.
  2. Functions: Create a main() function, create and call functions with default and variable arguments, pass functions as arguments to filters, program simple lambdas, function types, and compact single-expression functions.
  3. Classes: Create a class with methods and properties. Implement constructors and init(). Learn about inheritance, interfaces, and abstract classes. Use the special purpose classes data, object, enum, and sealed.
  4. Beyond the Basics: Dive deeper into Pairs, collections, and constants. Learn how to write extensions, implement generics, apply annotations, and use labeled breaks.
  5. Functional Manipulation: Explore more about lambdas, higher-order functions, and inline.

You'll learn how to use extension functions to add helpful functionality to existing classes.

Extend built-in types:

fun Int.print() = println(this)
5.print() // prints 5

Extend Android classes:

fun Context.toast(text: CharSequence, duration: Int = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT): Toast {
   return Toast.makeText(this, text, duration).apply { show() }
toast("Hello Toast")

Extend your own classes:

class AquariumPlant(
       val color: String)

fun AquariumPlant.print() =
       println("Pretty Aquarium Plant")

val plant = AquariumPlant("green")
// prints -> Pretty Aquarium Plant

When you've completed the course, you will be able to create programs in Kotlin, taking advantage of the features and capabilities that make Kotlin unique.

The course is available free, online at Udacity; take it in your own time at your own pace.

Go learn how to build apps with less code at https://www.udacity.com/course/ud9011.

Seven Indian startups to join the third edition of the Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program

[Cross posted from Official Google Blog]

Startups to get six months intensive mentorship and  $50,000 in equity-free funding

On-demand wardrobe rentals, furniture and appliances rental service, top tutor help service, a platform for doctors to discuss medical cases with peers from across the country, an Indian word games for adults and kids, a service that allows you to earn money for playing games and a CRM app that helps grow your business through better lead management.
Meet the seven promising startups from India, who will join the third class of Launchpad Accelerator along with startups from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico Argentina, Colombia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

These seven startups will join the six month long intensive mentoring program from Google for mid to late stage startups including a two-week all-expenses paid bootcamp that kicks off early next year (January 30, 2017) at Launchpad Space in San Francisco.

The program begins with determining each startup’s critical challenges, in order to deploy precise mentorship, actionable solutions, and Google resources to enable their product/service app to scale. The seven start ups will then get tailored expert guidance from Google engineers, product managers and other mentors from top technology companies and VCs in Silicon Valley.  Additionally, they will receive equity-free support credits for Google products and work closely with Google for six months in their home countries.

Over the last one year, thirteen Indian startups have participated in the program and many have already gained from the program. Nestaway who was part of our first batch from India closed a $30M series C investment. MagicPin that offers deals and discounts for Restaurants, Spas, Salons implemented a progressive web app that has helped them to drive over 10% of their total daily transactions. Mobile social gaming startup PlaySimple just raised Series A funding of $4 million and they are now focussing on expanding their offerings. And most recently, JustRide, a startup that allows customers to rent out cars raised about $3 million funding from global investors.

We are delighted to help Indian startups in their journey and help them to scale and find success in their endeavors. Access to good mentoring and advice at early to mid stage can make a meaningful difference. Amarendra Sahu Co-founder of Nestaway from India, shares that, “Launchpad accelerator program made us believe that even we could build a world class product and the mentors helped us to understand what was needed to get there. We have recently asked for follow-on engagement with mentors. If you’re a startup who believes in changing the world through tech product then this is the program for you.”

If you’re interested in applying for future Launchpad Accelerator classes, we encourage you to follow us on the Launchpad Accelerator site or https://twitter.com/googledevs to receive updates.

Posted by Paul Ravindranath G, Program Manager, Launchpad Accelerator