Sharing travel plans and memories with Inbox by Gmail

The holidays are full of traveling, get-togethers and sharing memories. Now Inbox is making all of these things a bit easier, with an update to Trip Bundles and mobile attachments.

You've told us how much you love that Trip Bundles summarize all of the important info about your trip. So, starting this week, you'll be able to share those summaries with friends and family with one tap.
You can also add emails to a trip (a top feature request!) using the Move to... menu, and view trips offline—perfect for when you're on a plane or using spotty WiFi.

While you're traveling, you might end up taking a lot of photos. Improved mobile attachments give you quick access to your recent photos, and let you attach multiple photos at once.
These new features will be rolling out over the next week. Happy holidays!

Source: Gmail Blog