Share spaces smart chips in Google Chat

What’s changing

Last year, we expanded smart canvas by introducing smart chips in Google Chat on web. Since then, you’ve been able to share information in a more usable, structured way by accessing and previewing rich, context-setting information and files directly in your message threads. 

Today, we’re announcing the ability to search for and insert a smart chip that links to a space. These new smart chips will make it easier to share and collaborate on content related to specific spaces. 

When composing a message in Chat, typing “@” will now display a list of suggested spaces to include as a smart chip, based on your membership. You can search for a space by typing the space name, and the results will be determined by spaces you’ve accessed most recently. Once a space is selected, you can insert the space smart chip into your message. You can also paste the link (URL) of a space into a message and press the Tab key to convert it into a space smart chip. 
Share spaces smart chips in Google Chat

Getting started 

  • Admins: There is no admin control for this feature. 
  • End users: 
    • In Google Chat on web, you can choose from the following options: 
      • Type “@” followed by a space name to search for the space and insert the space smart chip directly into a message. 
      • Paste a link to a space (or link to a message within the space) into a message and press the Tab key to instantly convert it into a space smart chip. 
    • Mobile users can receive and click on space smart chips, but cannot insert them on the Chat mobile app at this time. 
    • You must be a member of a space to search for and share that space smart chip. 
    • A recipient of the space smart chip must be a member of the space to access it. If they are not a member, they will not have access.  

Rollout pace 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, Google Workspace Individual subscribers, and users with personal Google accounts