Reminder to migrate to the AdMob API

Starting on October 12, 2021, developers will no longer be able to retrieve AdMob data from the AdSense Management API v1.4. Please start to migrate to the AdMob API which is generally available.

Where can I get my AdMob data?

After October 12th, 2021, using the AdMob API will be the only way you can access your AdMob data programmatically. The AdMob API helps app developers retrieve:

  • metrics that are consistent with the AdMob UI definitions and calculations
  • mediation reports that are not available through the AdSense API

What do I need to do?

Start migrating from the AdSense API to the AdMob API as soon as possible. If you do not complete the migration by October 12th, 2021, you will lose access to AdMob data through the AdSense API, which may impact your ability to make data-driven business decisions.

Follow the instructions in the migration guide to migrate your API workflow. Review these additional resources to support your migration:

Feel free to reach out to us via the AdMob API forum if you have questions or feedback regarding the AdMob API.