Register for Google Cloud Next ‘23 and get some sweet perks

Posted by Brian Hall, Vice President, Product and Industry Marketing, Google Cloud & Max Saltonstall, Developer Relations Engineer Google Cloud Next is coming to San Francisco, August 29-31, 2023

Developers - it’s finally here . . . the Google Cloud Next ‘23 session library is live!

So many awesome sessions to choose from, it's tough!

Of course we start with the big story of the year, the thing on everyone's (everything's?) mind: AI!

Machine learning and AI

Check out "5 practical considerations for adopting AI" to get started or "Build your organization’s future on Google AI and machine learning infrastructure" for teams that are looking to expand into cross-functional AI-powered innovation.

Building modern apps

Sometimes you've got an awesome idea, and you are looking for a way to speed up getting it to market. We can help. Attend "Building fast, scalable and reliable apps with Firebase and Cloud Run" to learn about serverless, accessible and language-agnostic tools to enable higher cloud velocity. Or come to "Build your first event driven app in less than 5 minutes" and walk away with a reference app for your own event-driven architecture use later on.

Lots of folks take a measured approach to public cloud adoption, especially with how rapidly technology is changing. This is especially true in corporate IT, where change can be tough. Check out "The future of modern enterprise applications with GKE" to learn more about moving your company's apps and workflows to the cloud.

Data insights and analytics

We're all drowning in data these days, and cloud offers many (MANY!) tools to help. Learn where you can get a handle on your data, analytics and insights with "What's next for Data and AI?" and then point your data engineering teams to "What's new with BigQuery" for the latest advances.

Cloud migrations

If you are looking at how you secure your own migration to cloud-based apps and services, make sure you attend "What’s new in cloud-first CI/CD" to get up to speed on Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, Cloud Deploy and more. These interconnected tools can accelerate development, help with segmentation of roles and responsibilities, and allow for zero to worldwide scale with very little operational overhead.

Industry Solutions

For developers building apps for specific industries, we've got a wide variety of sessions from Retail to Games to Public Sector to Manufacturing. Come learn from customers about AI applications in automation and personalization in "From vision to practice: AI applications in financial services" and take advantage of the latest tools. Or you could dive into the latest craze with "Media’s AI frontier: Navigating the future of entertainment” and start to answer the question we've all been asking: was this blog written by a person or an AI?

Amazing experts

There are sessions for every flavor of developer, architect, designer and operator, and so many opportunities to engage with experts from industry. So join us at Google Cloud Next to learn about key topics from speakers like Gerrit Kazmaier, Dave Nettleton, Keelin McDonnell, Donna Schit, and more.

And that's not all! You can find a series of training workshops available for all skill levels, and a dedicated learning and certification booth to help you on your way to your new cloudy career and skilling journey. Plus we've got a set of lightning talks to give you bite-sized chunks of knowledge across every cloud topic.

Oh no, I'm out of time and I haven't even gotten to the return of Drone Racing League at Next. Guess you'll just have to come and find out. See you there!

Register for Google Cloud Next ‘23 now: August 29-31 in San Francisco.