Quick access to restore recently deleted users from Admin console homepage

Quick summary

For customers with less than 100 active users, you’ll now be able to see when you have recently deleted users in your organization on the “Users” card in the Admin console. If you click on the number shown, you can view a list of the recently deleted users and how many days are left until their data is permanently deleted. 

Previously, Admins would have to filter for recently deleted users on the User List page to review any users available for being restored — this update makes this important information more readily available for customers that primarily use the Admin console for user management. 

Additionally, for all customers, admins can now select “Recently deleted users” from the “More” menu on the User List page to quickly check whether there are any recently deleted users.

We hope these updates make it easier for Admins to stay informed about their recently deleted users and take action if needed such as restoring users to retain their accounts or transfer data to another account.

Getting started

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  • Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers