On the road to the 2016 elections with Google Search

As the 2016 primary season officially kicks off with voters across Iowa caucusing for candidates, we’re making a few updates to Google Search to help you stay informed about the elections. Starting today, you can see where candidates stand on key policy issues, follow the nomination races with live results and an ongoing tallying of the delegate counts, and get voting reminders and live result updates in Google Now.

Dive into the issues
To help you learn where candidates stand on the issues that matter to you, you can now find candidate statements on important topics—such as national security, taxes, and immigration—right in search results. In addition to seeing direct statements from the candidates—if they choose to share them—you’ll also see a variety of candidate quotes aggregated from news articles. So now, if you search for a specific candidate (“Ted Cruz”) or a specific candidate and issue topic (“Hillary Clinton economic policies”) you’ll see statements and quotes from the candidate.
Follow the results
Tracking what’s happening in the primaries and how each candidate is doing state-by-state can be hard. So now when you search for “primary results” or “resultados de la elección primaria” you’ll not only see the primary election schedule, but you’ll also see live results and an evolving tally of how many delegates each Republican and Democratic nominee has received. This feature works in English and Spanish.
Remember the important things (like voting!)
Google Now cards will keep you up-to-date on the latest elections news. In the Google app, you’ll get cards reminding you to vote in your local primary and others highlighting who won each contest. As with the election results, this works in English and Spanish.

We hope these features make it easier for you to keep up to date on the issues, the delegates and your local primary.

Source: Inside Search