New enrollment privilege and naming updates for Google Meet hardware in the Admin console

What’s changing 

We are making two improvements to the admin controls for Google Meet hardware: 
  • A new enrollment privilege: You can use the new "Enroll Google Meet hardware" admin privilege to limit the enrollment of new devices to authorized users. 
  • Updates for hardware management in the Admin Console: Legacy references to “Chromebox for meetings” will be renamed “Google Meet hardware,” and there will be a minor settings reorganization. 

Read below for more details. 

Who’s impacted

Admins only 

Why it’s important 

This new admin privilege provides enhanced security functionality by enabling you to restrict who in your organization is able to enroll new Google Meet hardware devices and consume licenses. The naming updates will help increase the consistency and clarity of managing hardware devices in the Admin console. 

Additional details 

A new enrollment privilege 
As part of this launch, we are creating: 
  • A new “Enroll Google Meet hardware” privilege that can be granted to Google Meet hardware administrators. 
  • A new “Require enrollment privilege” policy in the new Service settings group in the Google Meet hardware settings. 
Enabling the Require enrollment privilege policy for your organization will require any user attempting to provision a new device to have the Enroll Google Meet hardware admin privilege. If they do not, enrollment will be blocked during setup and no license will be consumed. 

Updates for hardware management in the Admin Console 

For consistency and clarity, we will begin updating a handful of remaining legacy references to Chromebox for meetings with the correct product name, Google Meet hardware. You may notice this change in the Admin console Policies page, Admin roles and privileges page, and the Subscriptions page. 

Additionally, the Google Meet hardware settings page will now have a single combined tab for Device settings. These were previously separated out across Meet settings and System settings. See image below.

Getting started 

  • Admins: The new enrollment privilege and related enforcement only be applied to your whole organization, not to specific groups or OUs. Changes to this enrollment will only affect future devices; it will not affect devices that have already been successfully provisioned and enrolled into your organization. Visit the Help Center to learn more about enrolling Google Meet hardware devices into your organization
  • End users: No end user impact. 

Alt text - Admin console screen showing new admin privilege
The new “Enroll Google Meet hardware” admin privilege in the Admin console

Alt text - Admin console screen showing new enforcement option
The setting to enforce the new Admin privilege for enrollment of new Google Meet Hardware devices

Alt text - Admin console screen showing new device settings section
The new ‘Device settings’ section in the Admin console

Rollout pace 

  • This feature is available now for all users. 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers with Google Meet hardware licenses