New: AdWords Reports for App download campaigns

Today we’re happy to announce a deeper integration between AdWords and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps that will help advertisers make faster and better decisions about marketing their apps.

To put it simply: link your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts and enable auto-tagging, and you’ll start receiving a new set of detailed reports on things like day parts, destination URLs and keyword positions. These automatic reports show exactly how your search and display campaigns are performing and offer rich insights into the kind of users they’re driving to Google Play. 

Any user of both AdWords and Google Analytics can have this set of reports by just enabling auto-tagging. We handle the rest, so you can focus on optimizing rather than manually tagging AdWords campaigns.

These new reports can be found under the Acquisition menu for Google Analytics App Views. They’ll become visible to everyone over the next few days.

Insights for display & search campaigns
These new reports cover both display and search campaigns. You can: 
  • Check the Campaigns report to better understand users being driven into your app, and see how they use your app. 
  • Find out from the Day Parts report when users are interacting with your campaigns.
  • Use Search reports to find out which keywords and search queries are acquiring the most new users.
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A step towards measuring lifetime value of your customers
Ad campaigns should help you find the best customers. These new reports go a long way towards identifying them. Whether you track in-app revenue or specific goal conversions, you’ll be able to tie user quality to the campaign that brought them to your app.

One of our early Beta testers was Nubee, a Singapore-based game development studio. They shared their experience with us:

"We were satisfied that we could track which keywords attributed to sales. Using this data, we were also able to modify the download page." - Shizuka Watanbe, Head of PR, Nubee

We hope you’ll find these new reports useful. You can get them running by linking accounts and enabling auto-tagging today.

Posted by Rahul Oak, Product Manager, Google Analytics for Apps