ymarketing boosts performance for Clark Pest Control, while saving 20-30 hours per week with the DoubleClick Search Conversions API

Earlier last year, we announced improvements to our Conversions API -- a flexible offline conversion platform that lets you automatically upload, report, and optimize on offline data (like calls) in near real-time. Today, we wanted to highlight one of our success stories around this feature. The following story comes from ymarketing, a full-service digital agency who adopted the Conversions API to fuel their search campaigns with offline call data -- giving them access to more powerful insights than ever before.

Tired of importing and reconciling call data into their standard online reporting manually, ymarketing moved one of their clients, Clark Pest Control, to DoubleClick Search to take advantage of call tracking integrations from the Conversions API. Because Clark Pest Control’s prospective customers would often schedule their first appointments by phone, having the ability to optimize from offline call data was key. Today, DoubleClick Search integrates with ymarketing’s call tracking partner, Mongoose -- one of many call-tracking service providers working with DoubleClick -- ensuring that their client’s reporting reflects the most up-to-date call information for more insightful analysis and optimization. 

Steven Hellbusch, Performance Media Supervisor at ymarketing, says, “With the Conversions API, we have the ability to attribute calls to the specific keyword by search engine in almost real time. The ability to then optimize from both online and offline conversions has allowed us to better meet our clients’ goals. With all of our data in one place, we have a more accurate picture of what’s happening from a user experience, and more importantly, we have ability to unearth new opportunities for our client.” 

A month after implementing this solution for Clark Pest Control, ymarketing was impressed by the results: the team increased conversions by 173%, while cost per action decreased by 20%, and conversion rate doubled from 16% to 32%. On top of these significant performance gains, the team was able to save an estimated 20-30 hours of work a week.

To get the full scoop on ymarketing’s success with the DoubleClick Search Conversions API, read the full customer story here. Stay tuned to the DoubleClick Search blog and Google+ page for even more customer success stories.