Mobile comments are here in Docs, Sheets & Slides—just in time for #ChocolateCakeDay

(Cross-posted on Google Docs blog.)

When Jim, one of the engineers on the Google Slides team, brought a zucchini chocolate cake into the office last week, we knew we had to get the recipe. So we asked him and his wife, Alison, to let us in on the family secret—just in time for #chocolatecakeday. They worked together in Slides (mobile commenting across Google Docs just launched today!) to perfect the recipe. Alison writes: 

Growing up, my grandma made zucchini chocolate cake often, especially when there was a surplus of zucchinis at the local farmer’s market. The cake is ridiculously moist and pairs well with many different frostings, though cream cheese is my favorite.

Thanks to mobile commenting, Jim and I went back and forth on the recipe—Jim on his Nexus 9, me on my iPhone—until we had it just right:
Check out our family recipe in Slides. We call it Straka’s Zucchini Chocolate Cake—in honor of my grandma.

Get the apps on Android and iOS (Docs, Sheets, Slides).

Happy #chocolatecakeday, from our family to yours.