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As a G Suite admin, it can be difficult to stay on top of the various new products and features we launch on a regular (often daily!) basis. Reading the G Suite Updates blog is a great start, but the blog doesn’t provide a quick snapshot and doesn’t cover some smaller feature changes. To help you better track the breadth of G Suite launches, including those that aren’t announced on the G Suite Updates blog, we’ve created a new resource: What’s new in G Suite?

This Help Center article includes a list of new G Suite products and features, all of which are added soon after they’re made available to customers on both the Rapid and Scheduled Release tracks. Sort the list by product or week of release, or search for a particular term to find related launches. Click on the “Learn more” links for additional details.

We hope this new resource will make it easier for you to track G Suite launches and communicate them to your organizations. We’d love to hear your thoughts as we continue to iterate and improve, so please use this form to provide any feedback.

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